Indianapolis Security - Securing Your Front Door

It is true that home is where the heart is. Homes are typically where people feel most secure and at peace. Unfortunately, for some, their sense of security and peace is shattered when their home is broken into. If you want to keep your family and home assets safe, Indianapolis security experts suggest not only investing in an alarm system but also investing in securing the entrances to your home. Reinforcing your entrance doors is a great way to deter criminals and to make it harder for them to break into your home using traditional methods.

Safeguarding Your Home

Indianapolis security officials note that there are several ways to increase home security by reinforcing exterior doors. This includes things like updating a home's exterior doors, changing out lock systems, and more. While you can fortify all door systems in the home, it is best to focus on exterior doors since these are often the main entrance point for burglars. Indianapolis security experts state that interior doors are less vital to focus on and it can get costly to upgrade all of the doors in the home.

How to Reinforce & Fortify Your Exterior Doors

Burglars gain access to homes in many ways. They can pry open door frames, simply kick doors in, break or drill the locks off, and so on. To prepare your home against burglars, Indianapolis security authorities have a number of suggestions for homeowners.

  • Gently kick your door. If you notice that the frame is shaky, it is best to reinforce your door frames. Your door frames should be securely fastened in place. Many frames are just tacked in place and can easily be undone with a couple of strong kicks.
  • Carefully inspect your deadbolt mechanism. The screws should be tightly in place and the throw bolt should not be shaky in the least. Remember that it is always best to have an ANSI certified grade 1 deadbolt lock. These come with a 1 inch throw for high security.
  • Always ensure that none of your deadbolt’s screws are visible on the outside of your door. This is just asking for trouble. Indianapolis security authorities also state that there are locks that have anti-drill and anti-saw protection.
  • Reinforce the casing of the frame with a long metal strike plate and attach it with extra long screws.  
  • If your door has a hollow core, it will be extremely easy to kick in. As a matter of fact, with a few strong kicks it can be broken right through. Indianapolis security gurus highly suggest upgrading these doors and investing in a solid wood, uPVC, fiberglass, or metal door. All of these choices offer much better security. Fiberglass, metal, and uPVC doors offer the most protection, but solid wood doors tend to be the least expensive option.

If the safety of your home and family are important to you, Indianapolis security companies state that you should consider fortifying the entrance to your home. Using one or more of the above ideas can help further protect your home.