A Bearer of India's Illustrious Past

The introduction of the legendary luxury train, the Palace on Wheels in India was a landmark in the tourism industry. This hospitable concept was brought into existence to promote the fabled land of Rajasthan and its tourism, but later on turned out to be a trendsetter and a benchmark for other luxury trains in the country.
This ultimate royal carriage has been captivating the interest of its travellers with a regal charm for three decades now. The state of kingdoms and kings, Rajasthan has been replete with the fabled stories of romance, glamour, chivalry and royalty. Throughout the history, it has been noted that most of the Rajput kings had inherent style and indulgent tastes. They employed luxuries of all kinds in order to justify their title of the king. Be it a silver dining ware or an imported collection of crystal knickknacks and chandeliers from the world over; these kings had refined tastes that could compromise for nothing but the best. Their lavishness and style, even after ages illustrate the richness of the royalty and embellish the history of the land.
During the onset of the modern era, when railways were the most preferred and the fastest mode of travelling; these princely rulers of Rajputana created the special coaches and saloons for themselves. These exclusive saloons had palatial interiors beautified with sparkling chandeliers, Persian carpets and intricately carved silverware. Also, these royal coaches employed the Rajasthan’s icon for endearing hospitality, Khidmatgar or a royal attendant. These attendants were dedicated towards their master and committed to serve him with sheer service standards.
With the formation of these exclusive coaches, there began another era of indulgent hospitality. At that time, these coaches were commonly addressed as the ‘palace on wheels’ among the royal world.
In the year 1982, the same concept of palatial saloons was revived to bring the same classic flamboyance, grace and royal elegance on track. The train was naturally branded as ‘Palace on Wheels’ chugging on the heritage trail of this royal state. The train utilized the same luxury coaches used by the royalty and employed the legendary hospitality provided by the loyal Khidmatgars. As per the modern times, the train also included the plush royal accommodation aboard the train, finest of wines, royal dinners and relaxing lounge.
And now, this vintage train, after going through many innovations became a proud bearer of the erstwhile legacy trailing through the fairy tale castles, forts and palaces. Apart from that, India’s Palace on Wheels Tour presents the culture, heritage and traditions of the land in the magnificently exclusive way.