A Mind Expanding Adventure

Rarely does a game come along that motivates a player to dig deep for the answers to the puzzles it poses and rarely is the reward so fulfilling.  Fez  is that game and more.  The player can easily get lost in the relaxing world of beautiful scenery and gentle music of Fez, but solving the next puzzle is what really drives the experience.  When you stop and think about what each aspect of Fez means, youwill find the game is full of metaphor.  Truly this game is deep on every level.

Gomez 2

Our Hero

2D Boy, 3D World

Fez stars a creature named Gomez.  Gomez is a 2-dimensional creature living in a 2-dimensional village with other 2-dimensional creatures.  Gomez starts out receiving a message from a rather salty looking creature called Geezer asking Gomez to meet him at the top of the village.  Talking to the villagers on the way reveals that they are either unaware of or vehemently deny the existence of a third dimension.  When Gomez reaches the top of the village Geezer informs him that it's time to go on an adventure.  A multicolored hypercube appears and teleports Gomez to a temple.  There a floating cube starts to talk to Gomez.  

This is where the puzzles begin as the cube speaks to Gomez in a language he is unable to understand.  After speaking with Gomez the cube gifts him with a magical fez that allows him to interact with the third dimension by causing the world to rotate. Gomez's experimentation with his new found abilities causes the cube to rotate so rapidly that it shatters into many pieces, flinging them every direction and causing the universe to sort of, well, crash (you'll see what I mean when you play).

Gomez awakes back at his home with his new fez still in place on top of his head.  On exiting the hypercube reappears in a smaller form, introduces itself as Dot, and informs Gomez that he has to find all of the pieces of the cube, named Hexahedron, or face the collapse of the entire universe.  Dot points a door out to Gomez, tells him how to open it, and sticks around to make comments and give advice along the way.  


Though not as annoying as a certain fairy

Layers on Layers

If you choose to play Fez you will soon find that not every puzzle is immediately solveable. You will find strange symbols all about, some clearly in the same language that Hexahedron was speaking.  The solution to some puzzles only become apparent when you find the right room. Some rooms will seem completely inscrutable until a certain event has come to pass.  All of these things will give you pause and make you wonder if there is something you missed (sometimes there is) or if you just need to move on until you find a clue elsewhere.

Overall Fez is a highly enjoyable puzzle game with a great atmosphere.  I would recommend it for anybody looking for a relaxing yet challenging game. 

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