If you have a dog that loves to gulp their food out of excitement then you have probably experienced the consequences of such a feeding frenzy!  This is where an Indipet slow feed pet bowl works well.

My dog was always a fast eater.  I always wondered what the race was, but it was like she had to have that bowl empty in seconds flat no matter what.  But then later, she either threw it up, or had digestive upsets while she quietly napped and that had everyone leaving the room!

I tried bigger kibble so she would have to at least stop and chew it, which worked marginally but not entirely. 

That is when I came across these slow feed bowls.  I was glad to see that I was not the only one having this problem.

Slow Feed Pet Bowl

Indipets Extra Heavy One Piece Stainless Steel Non Tip - Anti Skid Health Care Slow Feeding Dish, Medium
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(price as of Apr 1, 2016)
this special bowl stops your dog from gulping and forces them to slow down.

The idea behind this stainless steel slow feed bowl, is that the center is raised, almost like a bundt cake pan.  By having the center raised then the dog has to work at getting the food out of the outside area.

Indipet Slow Feed Pet Bowl(122027)Credit: Amazon.com

It slows them down, so that they have to work at getting the food and therefore chewing it. It is made from heavy weight stainless steel, and has a “non-tipping” design that doesn’t scratch the floor either, especially if your pooch tries to drag it away or tip it.

Fast eating can lead to all kinds of digestion problems, such as gas, distended stomach, and vomiting, and yet many dogs eat like someone is going to steal it.

Here are a Few Tips to Help You Dog at Meal Times

Find a quiet spot where your dog can always eat.  Don’t have him in the high traffic areas where he has to feel protective of his food.  Many dogs will grab a mouthful of food and swallow it while looking around to see what is going on.

So, by providing them their own spot for food will help them to slow down.  With our dog we ended up putting her food bowl in her crate.  She felt safe there and slowed down.

Feed at the same time each day – You don’t want them getting so hungry that they are grabbing it before it even gets put down for them. Measure the food out, and make sure they have fresh water, and leave them to eat on their own. 

Raise the Dog Bowl – If you have a larger breed dog, then you should lift the dog bowl from the ground so they don’t have to reach so far down.  This is much better for their digestion.

If you change foods, do it very slowly over a couple of weeks by slowly mixing in the new food until your pooch is used to the new food.

Investing in an Indipet slow feed pet bowl will also help to slow them down because they have to eat around the sides and can’t simply do a face plant into the bowl anymore.  They will be forced to slow down and digest their food, and possibly even taste it.

Another important part of your pet's health is their teeth.  You can brush their teeth to help stop bad breath.