Deviant behavior

The concept of indiscipline or deviant behavior, as it is sometimes called, is a complex one. Indiscipline can be defined as any exhibition of arbitrary behaviors which is antagonistic to social values. Any act of indiscipline is contrary to stipulated or laid down principles of life. Indiscipline is the characteristic in an individual that is not in conformity with standardized norms and values in the society. 

This is because indiscipline or deviant behavior could not be comprehensively defined in a single sentence. Deviancy is defined as an individual behavioral departure from well established norms. There are norms of behavior to which individuals are expected to conform in the larger community as well as norms established within the system.

Apparently, it is when a person’s behavior is at variance with the existing norms that the individual could be described as a deviate or indiscipline fellow.  Thus, the issue of deviant behavior necessarily connotes a significant departure from established norms acceptable within the family unit, school, community, peer groups, clubs, social organizations, and the larger society.

The negation of societal laws, norms, values, etc by an adult is often described as criminal in the society.  Thus, they see discipline as criminal offence.  In similar line of opinions, similar attitudinal behavior when displayed by school children within the educational institutions, are often described as delinquent behavior maladjusted. Behavior, inappropriate behavior, unhealthy behavior and abnormal behavior.

An individual whether be he an elementary school child, adolescent in secondary school, the youth in the society and the adult, could only be described as deviate when his conformity to his cultural group values and beliefs are deficient and maladaptive.

Ensuring that your kids have a successful educational experience, you need to make sure you are leading by example and being consistent with your discipline. You can gain your child's respect by doing what you say you are going to do every time. So if you promise to take your kids to the playground, make sure you do it. Also, if you tell them that you will give them a time-out if they do not stop screaming, make sure you follow through with the punishment if they continue to yell. Once your kids know you will do what you say, then discipline is as easy as first giving them a warning, saying specifically what you want from them, and then following through with the consequences you have promised to enforce.

If an adolescent manifest deviant behavior that is criminal, he could be prosecuted in the court of law. Consider culture as another important dimension in explaining deviant behaviors.  Because culture varies from one society to another.  Therefore, it would not be correct to describe deviant behaviors across socio-cultural settings, because an acceptable behavior in one society may be unacceptable in another one.   Even within the same cultural group an acceptable way of life at one period may be unacceptable at another period, since culture is dynamic in nature.