One of the latest trends in athletic foot wear is the individual toe shoes.

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  As odd as they may look at first glance, especially when you are looking down at them on your feet, you quickly get used to them.  They look a bit like gorilla feet but are very comfortable.

These 5 toe shoes, separate each of your toes.  It will feel like freedom for your feet.  After being crammed in winter boots and shoes all winter, this is a welcome feel. 

 They do take some getting used to, and you will feel some work in your feet muscles, but many customer reviews are favourable as they gently work the feet and make them feel good like a foot massage.  Once you get used to fitting your toes in their own little homes, you won’t want to take them off.

You can walk and run in these, but start off slow.  Once you get past the look of them, you are going to love them.  You can actually get a workout with these, and I first saw them on a lady chasing her kids around the grocery store.  At first I just thought she had really big feet, but within minutes of talking to her, she revealed to me that she had been having problems getting shoes to fit and be comfortable especially chasing after her kids.

She then went on to tell me that they have great rubber soles and grip well, so there is no slipping and there is no “sweating” of the toes either.  They are gently separated, and she feels like she has a better grip when walking or chasing after the kids.

If you have problems with regular fitting shoes, this might be the alternative you were looking for.  One online review revealed that they helped with high arch pain.  They allow for your toes to spread when you put your weight on them, which a closed in shoe does not, and there is no pinching or blisters.

So, if you are looking for a bit of a gentle workout with your foot wear and would like to make your feet and calves stronger, then these individual toe shoes are something worth checking out.

You can also get these as slippers, or sock shoes with toes.  There are many variations on the market to try.  But the sandal style pictured is a great one to try in the nicer weather.  It feels really good to get rid of those cramping shoes and winter boots and let your toes spread!  These individual toe shoes have good support as well, and fit your feet naturally. 

You will feel like you are not wearing shoes at all.  If you are a bare foot person as soon as that warm weather hits, then you should try these 5 toe shoes or sandals, they are a great way to feel like you are still going bare foot but still have the protection and support for the road and outdoors in general.

Many shoe stores are starting to carry this line of foot wear, but you can also get these 5 toe shoes online at such sites as Amazon.  You can also check for your favourite shoe store to see if they have an online presence, and if they carry the latest in comfortable foot wear for this season.

So, if shoes are a problem for you, check out the 5 toe shoes this year.