When you were a young child you were full of ambition and curiosity in the world.  You would pursue things that interested you. Overtime throughout your life you come to a point where you feel that you are an individual. You are someone who can make choices on your own accord because you have free will and individuality. What If we told you that was not true? What if we told you that individuality does not exist? That you are not an individual and you are not capable of free thinking.

Individuality is a myth. In essence if you were TRULY an individual it would mean that you can think freely without external influences. This is impossible. Everyone has had external influences throughout their entire life ever since they were a baby. Throughout your upbringing you are conditioned to repeat information. One example of this is when your parents always say “Who loves you more than anyone else?” And of course the child replies “mommy” or “daddy”. These children are conditioned to reflect what they have been taught and exposed to.

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If you were born and raised as a Nazi in Germany during WWII, you become a nazi. You wave the flag and salute Hitler. Go over to the southern states and you will find that many people speak with a southern accent, completely incapable of escaping their conditioning. If you go to an artist he may draw a picture that looks “unique” or “creative”, something that only an individual of his kind can produce. It does not make that person an individual. Creativity simply means taken known elements and utilizing them in unique ways. So, if you have enough exposure to different types of drawings then you have a wider range of creativity.

So where does individuality exist? It the grand scheme of things it becomes difficult to accept that you are not an individual, but merely an accumulation of life experiences and conditioning. People appear to be individual because not everyone is alike. Individuality does not make people different, it is the life experiences that create the dividing personalities. Every word that comes out of your mouth and every thought that flows through your head has been taught or exposed to you in some capacity, meaning that you are not TRULY an individual.

We reflect our culture, so when someone ask you to think for yourself, you can’t. You can only think in relation to the amount of information you have been given.

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