Are you looking for indoor activities for children? There are a wide enrage of activities that children can do when they are stuck inside due to the weather being bad. Here are some suggestions for indoor activities that are fun for your children. Many of these are also educational, or help children to develop life skills. So, let’s get stuck into my suggestions now;


Family Fun | Indoor Activities for Children
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Coloring and Scrap Books

Coloring pages or working in scrape books with stickers and other fun items are always good idea. Be sure to have a wide variety of coloring books and colored pends or crayons on hand when the weather gets poor. If you do a scrapbook this might be something you could do together. Be sure to have plenty of colorful things for the kids to add to the scrapbook to make it a fun experience for them. The might create a scrapbook about the family pet for example with photographs. They could make a scrapbook on various activities they have done at school or one on a recent vacation. There are tons of ideas when it comes to scrapbooking. You can find many ideas online if you’re stuck for ideas.


Trains or Race Sets

For young boys it’s always a good idea to have a model train or a race set around. Boys love these types of toys and it’s something that the father and son can do together when the weather isn’t that great out. If it’s a race track they can race each other with their cars and have a lot of fun.



Indoor activities can include movies. This is the perfect activity when the weather isn’t cooperating.  Make sure you have plenty of snacks and you might want to make it a family night with movies that everyone can enjoy together. Movies are easy to get on your television with various services or you can watch them online through services such as Netflix.


Interactive Video Games

There’s a new breed of video games thanks to the motion sensor devices on game consoles. These games give kids something to do that they love yet they can get some exercise at the same time when they can’t go outside. There are also many games to choose from such as sports, dancing and other titles.  The family cаn get involved in these games too and have a lot of fun.


Reading or Writing

If you have smaller s=children you cаn always read to them. Most youngsters love a good story. If you have older children give them a project and have them look up someone famous on the computer that they recognize and write a simple story about that person or you could have them write any story they can think of. This gets the child to think creatively and can occupy their time.


Board Games or Puzzles

Puzzle and board games are always great inside activities that children can play. There are literally tons of these games around that children can play and have fun with. If you go with puzzles try ones that the child can actually put together and make it something fun like their favorite super-hero or movie they like.



If you have some small girls put on some of their favorite music so they can dance. This is great exercise and can help them occupy their time. You might invite some of their friends over and they can have a party.


Theme Night for Dinner

One thing you might try for dinner is to have a theme night. This can be anything the children like such as super heroes or pirates. Everyone can get dressed up and have fun with it. Try to have them make up a story to tell during dinner or just before so it gives them something n to do before you serve the meal. If you don’t want to dress up just have the kids dress up instead. They don’t have to wear an elaborate costume just their favorite super hero short or even PJs is fine.


Building Blocks

Another great inside activity is to build something with Lego or other types of blocks. These toys can occupy a child’s time for a long while and give you peace of mind. You might decide to join them and build something to but make surе they build the bulk of it as this is a good learning process for them.


Help Dad

If the father of the house is doing some project try to have the kids help out and this normally works well if it’s a boy, but many girls like to help dad too. Make surе they have their own plastic toolkit so they can hammer and have fun while they watch dad work, this is great for dad's that don't get time at home. If they are older give them a few simple tasks that they can do to help out with what dad is doing but make sure it’s a safe task. Obviously, this can work with mum's too, as many of mum's chores can be helped by the kids chipping in.


Baking Treats

When kids can’t go outside baking is always a great activity especially if it’s making something they enjoy such as cupcakes or cookies.  Get them to give you suggestions as to what they want and then you cаn make it together. You can also get them to help out with serving dinner. For younger children there a plastic kitchen sets you can buy so they think they are helping out mom which are safe for them to use.


Play Sets

If you have room in the basement there are plenty of plastic play sets you can buy. The kids can jump and play in these sets to occupy their time. You do need quite a bit of room for these set to use them inside but a good sized basement will do.



Children can do more than play mindless games on the computer they can learn on it too. There are a lot of fun interactive activities to play on the computer, puzzles, and websites designed specifically for children to explore. Make use of these eservices when the children are inside as are great learning tools. Just make sure you check out the site before you allow your child to use it.