When you get called to babysit for kids and you are going to be indoors the whole time, sometimes you get overwhelmed with the thought that you won’t have anything to do with the kids. Kids can get bored doing the same old things like watching movies and board games so you need to think of some more creative indoor activities for you to do with your babysitting kids.

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Building a fort is something that all kids love to do. All you need is chairs, tables, or couches to act as posts for your fort and some sheets and blankets to act as walls and the roof. Simply drape the sheets and blankets over the posts (you may need to secure them) and you have a fort that the kids will love. They can bring pillows and toys into the fort and will enjoy their “new” play area for hours.

Another great indoor babysitting activity is to create an indoor scavenger hunt. This will allow the kids to use their creative sides and will provide the kids with lots of entertainment.  Simply make up a list of household items that the kids will have access to and then let them go find the items. Some sample items for the list could be their favorite book, a picture of their family, a blue crayon, teddy bear, etc.  This can also be a fun way to let them do any chores that their parents may have assigned them for example you could make them find the dust rag and dust the top of the television or have them wash three dirty dishes. Scavenger hunts are open to creativity and they can be changed up at any time so the kids won’t get bored.

Kids have all kinds of creative energy so what better way to show this off then to have them put on a talent show for you. They can put on costumes and perform different numbers for you. Whether they want to sing their favorite song, lip-sync along with a tape, or showcase their dancing skills, the kids will definitely have a good time. As an added element to the talent show, you could award each kid with a different prize at the end of the show. For example you could give awards to best singer, most creative costume, etc, just making sure that each kid gets a prize.


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Other simple games like Charades and Pictionary are also great ways to get the kids to use their creative energy. For charades put simple movies or books on pieces of paper into a hat or bowl and have the children draw a word and act it out while the rest of the kids try and guess. Make sure you are using movies and books that the children are familiar with. Pictionary is very similar but you can use objects as well as movie and book titles for what the children will draw. Using paper or if you have a whiteboard let the children draw whatever word they have while you and the children try and guess what they are drawing.

One other fun thing to do that requires no materials is to play I-Spy. You start off by saying something that you spy, such as I spy something green ( perhaps a lamp in the room), while the kids try and guess what it is you are seeing. Once the kid guesses what it is then it is their turn to pick something to spy while you and the other children guess. Such simple fun can be had without having to use a bunch of other props, so this is an easy game to play anywhere.

Indoor fun

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun for you and the kids to have.  Indoor activities can sometimes be hard to come up with on babysitting jobs, but if you just think a little more creatively you can come up with a ton of fun ideas to do. Doing things like building forts, making scavenger hunts, and playing I-spy are all fairly simple but they will provide hours of fun on your babysitting job.