Offering adequately large and best indoor cages is an integral part in making sure your pet stays happy as well as healthy. And Your pet would welcome the fact that it has its own personal place. This is where the best indoor cages come into the picture.

If you’re looking for an adorable and fun-to-be-with indoor pet, then you may want to consider getting a rabbit. Maybe one of those Netherland dwarf rabbits that are so cute.

In case you have already thought of getting one, it would be a great idea to buy an indoor enclosure even if your rabbit would not be using it that much. That is because sometimes, you would need to keep the rabbit locked in one location no matter how much you love it and want to let it free.

Indoor Rabit Cages - What to look for?

There are many rules as to how big the best indoor bunny cages should be. Of course, the most excellent option if you have the money is to buy an extremely spacious rabbit enclosure, but if you cannot afford it, then you have to find out what the floor area requirements for your rabbit would need to be.

 The actual dimension would vary based on the rabbit’s breed and size, its individual character and how long it is capable of spending outside the enclosure. The highly recommended measurement is: 1 sq. ft. per lb. of the rabbit.

Even the vertical clearance of the best indoor cages should also be considered so that your rabbit would not bump its head when standing up on hind legs and so as not to be hunched over all day long.

Indoor Bunny Cages - Find the Best Hutch for Your RabbitCredit: Amazon

A number of bunny hutches have multi-level floors which provide an excellent means to increase the overall space for your rabbit without occupying as much floor area as a similarly huge rabbit enclosure with just a single level normally would.

 Furthermore, miniature rabbits like mini Rex Rabbits are fond of exploring elevated areas as it fulfills their inherent longing for a “vantage point” to keep an eye for predators.

If your concern is the litter pans eating up a lot of room in the best indoor cages, don’t be. Rabbits will be more than happy to use them regardless of how many you put inside the hutch. In fact, a number of rabbit owners even put two litter pans inside their best indoor cages.

Various shapes and sizes of rodents can be a likely candidate for a pet, particularly if you are residing in smaller places like apartments. In case you don’t like long, bare tail which is distinctive in majority of rodents, then you may want to consider getting a hamster.

In addition, hamsters are more sociable, unlikely to bite or scratch at you, etc. compared to rats and mice, but since hamsters are social by nature, you cannot leave them unattended even in indoor rodent cages or any of the best indoor cages for extended amounts of time.