Portable Clotheslines on Wheels

Getting an indoor clothesline is a great way to save money on electricity costs, and also to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment.

Not only is this a great way to save money but it is also good for your clothes, as more and more delicates and natural fibres are being used in modern clothing and do not do well in the dryer.  So, now you are faced with throwing some items in the dryer and some over chairs and railings and where ever else you can think of!

If you have a backyard and the weather is nice, then hanging your clothes outside on your outdoor clothesline is a great way to go as well, but what about the rest of the year or those rainy days, or maybe you don’t have a backyard or you are in an apartment?

Having an indoor clothesline setup works well for these scenarios.  If you have a room that you can dedicate to the drying of clothes, then this is great, but most of us do not.

So, getting a portable style indoor clothesline would be the better way to go.  You can get this style of dryer that folds up after use.  Many will fold flat, which means you can store them under a bed or under the couch even.  But make sure you store it somewhere, where it is easy to get at, so you are more likely to use it.

Another good option is to get one on wheels, making it totally movable, even with laundry still on it.  This is great if you just did the laundry and hung it up on this indoor clothesline, only to have unexpected guests.  You don’t need them seeing your underwear hanging, so you grab the entire line and roll it to another room to finish drying.

Portability is a great feature for these styles of lines.  For this system to work its best, it is better for you to figure out ahead of time where you want to keep it, and where you want to put it to let your laundry dry.  You would preferably put it somewhere where this is some airflow, so that they dry quickly.  If it is nice outside, you can roll this style of indoor clothesline out onto the porch or back deck to dry.  Hills Mobile Indoor Clothesline

You could leave it setup in the bathroom if you have airflow in there, oindoor clotheslinetherwise the largest room works best.  If you can get into the habit of using an indoor clothesline, and allowing the time for drying before you need a particular piece of clothing, then you will save money on electricity (if you normally use your own electric dryer) or cash for the Laundromat dryer.

My in-laws quite regularly would spend the quarters to get everything washed at the Laundromat and then simply dump it straight into the basket and take it home to hang up on their indoor clothesline.  This way they did not spend the money on the dryer and would save time by skipping the wait time for the clothes to dry.  My mother-in-law was always complaining about the heat in the dryer and how it ruined many clothes, so this was their way of dealing with it.  They noticed the savings quickly.

You can purchase these indoor clotheslines in many department and home improvement stores in many styles.  You need to find one that would work for you, and that you would feel comfortable using.  Shopping online is another great way to find more variety with indoor clotheslines.  You can get ones that work well in your bathroom, or basement and then portable ones on wheels such as the one pictured. 

Get into a new habit of drying your clothes with air rather than electricity and save money and the environment.  Also see portable umbrella clothesline for more ideas.