What is kitchen composting? Read on to find out!

Kitchen composting is an important component of your composting system. Some of the most valuable materials for your outdoor pile can come from your kitchen food scraps. Also, many avid composters enjoy vermicomposting (worm composting), a form of indoor composting that usually takes place in the kitchen.

Storing Kitchen Scraps

Often times kitchen scraps have been stored in an empty plastic milk carton with the top cut off. While this is a good way to reuse old milk cartons, they do have some problems. For one, they are ugly. Usually, such a container is kept under the sink, out of sight, because they definitely detract from a clean, organized and pleasant kitchen. Another problem with them is that they attract lots of bugs, especially fruit flies. They also emit odors that you may not like.

There are a number of different aesthetically pleasing containers on the market that could work well for you. There are compost crocks, compost pails, and mini compost bins. Most of these hold about 1 – 2 gallons. Because they are nice looking you can keep them on your counter where they are very convenient. They also are reusable and easy to clean. Because they are enclosed they tend to reduce the odors, attract fewer bugs, and keep all of the compost where you want it – inside!

Norpro Grip EZ Stainless Steel Compost KeeperThe Norpro Grip EZ Stainless Steel Compost Keeper is a great example of a great kitchen compost container. It is stainless steel, holds about 1 gallon, has air holes in the lid and a filter to prevent odors from excaping. It is available on Amazon at more than 40% off the retail price. There are many others on Amazon, too, and at many other department stores.

These are great for storing food scraps that can then be added to the outdoor pile when the container fills up. The types of food scraps to include are fruit and vegetable scraps and peels, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds. Don’t include meats, dairy products, oily foods or grains.

Worm Composting

Another great use of your kitchen scraps is to build or purchase a worm composter. Most worm composters that you can buy online are in the $75-100 range and all of them are quite attractive. They come in different sizes, but most will fit right on your counter. In case you are wondering whether you want to have worms in your house, don’t worry! Worm composters are built to be in the house, right next to where you live. They are clean, attractive, have no bad smells or sounds, and you can’t see the worms.

With worm composting, you could have a container on your kitchen counter, just like with a compost crock. But, instead of merely storing the food scraps for later, you are actually putting them to work right away, turning them into usable compost.

These are some simple ways to simplify or expand your indoor composting to be more pleasant, clean and easy. For more information about worm composting, go to http://www.infobarrel.com/Worm_Composting_Basics. For information about composting in general, to to http://www.infobarrel.com/Composting_at_Home_in_your_Backyard.