So tell me, have you ever walked into your doctor’s waiting room’s to be greeted by four blank white walls. One can’t say that this is all too inviting. How about an exotic fern hanging down one of the walls? This could, maybe be complimented by a bright plant, which you would find in the Amazon somewhere. Now, this would really change things around.

Often people think that you have to buy furniture or a couple of modernized accessories to improve the atmosphere, when in fact all you need is a couple of plants. Head off down to your local nursery and see what is on offer. You will be surprised!

It is amazing what indoor container gardening for small spaces like apartments can do for you as well. A lot of people dread the fact that they are forced to move to a smaller space and leave the luxury of their garden, which they so enjoy. However, did you even realize that you can grow vegetables indoors?


All you need is a small little space on your balcony, a couple of those characteristic terracotta pots that you find in Tuscany and your choice of vegetables or herbs. It will really change your place around. If you don’t have a balcony, make sure you have adequate lighting, and if this is still a problem for you, then you can get yourself one of those mini greenhouse kits as a final resort.

However, in saying that you don’t have good lighting is a bad excuse, because there are special lighting stores which will provide you with the right sort of lamps and globes to grow these sorts of plants.

Great ideas for indoor container gardening

Of course, you don’t have to stick to little terracotta pots on your balcony. You can go as wild and wacky as you like. Use your imagination. If you enjoy color, get a nice big wooden box and paint it to your liking. Then plant colorful seedlings which fit into a theme.

If you really want to be dramatic and splash out, you could fit a small water feature or even a tiny fish pond in the middle of your living room – yes, you really could. This could be the main feature.

Just make sure you don’t have any other pets around that are going to have a bath and then dry them off on your cream couch!

Herbs in the kitchen look great. Things like rosemary last a long time, so if you have a bush on your balcony, just bring a couple of nice twigs and display them in a good looking glass vase.

The way you display your plants and what you put them in, also says a lot. You can find a nice big wooden object, stick it on the wall and let your greenery hang out of there. A lot of people are also using old stainless steel vases as something different. You can pick up nice, interesting things at junk shops.

container gardening

Different themes around the apartment like cacti, bonsai or basic herbs and other related culinary plants are some of the things that you could focus on. You could also go tropical, using a variety of ferns and exotic plants, but make sure that they are well suited to the conditions.

DIY hydroponics and grow kits

Hydroponic gardening is all the rage. It is being used on big farms to grow crops to small home backyards. Although, the newcomer to this form of gardening may find it a little daunting, planting something without any soil, they may be quite surprised. Basically, if you have nutrients, oxygen and water, you are fine.

What are the benefits?

Although people say that this is a difficult process, if you are gardening in soil that is not the right pH level, you will struggle more. Here, you just need to add nutrients in order to achieve the right solution.

If you have found a lot of diseases, like snails, slugs and other nasty bugs, you will be happy to know that this is not such a problem with plants that feed off water. Snails and other creepy crawlies will have a hard time in an environment like this.

You don’t have to keep on watering either, making this method ultra low maintenance. Apart from that, you will be saving yourself some space because you can grow more at one time. This makes it perfect for the indoors and people who live in apartments can take advantage of this system a lot more.

The secret to hydroponic indoor gardening

This may be slightly more challenging, simply because the conditions change, but it can be something that is rewarding. A lot of people like something that is slightly different and it can be convenient if you think about it.

The greatest challenge is getting your lighting conditions right because different vegetables will require different levels of light. You have to be prepared to spend a few more dollars on the correct sort of light. Anything homemade, which you have just thought up of without much experience, will probably not take off very well.

If you are stuck on space, you can even think of using closets or an empty container with a light above. This will work fine. You should use some sort of protection surrounding the structure so that soil doesn’t spill onto your nice woollen carpet.

The lights should hang about a foot above the container and the container should be a foot above the ground. Look for HID or LED lighting systems with the appropriate wattage according to your space. Ask a professional about this in a specialized store. Probably one of the most important things is to keep the lamp dry. Use a light meter to determine if you have enough light.

You will also need reflective material to cover the walls with. This will create some extra energy for your plants. It is also a good idea to have a fan going for best results. However, don’t leave this on all the time because it is going to dry out the plants. You will also need to invest in pumps and filtering and then of course, you have to decide on the method and this will dictate what other equipment you will need.

You can also buy a hydroponic indoor gardening kit, which may be better for a lot of people to get started. As you can probably tell, this procedure may sound rather complicated and it may be easier to buy a kit. Of course, some people like their gardening projects, so the choice is yours.

The kit you get depends on the manufacturer and the budget you have set aside. They usually include either a LED or HID lighting system, along with a fan, reflectors and nets or trays. Pumps and filters are also provided.

It is best to decide on what you want to grow first of all before you buy a kit like this because nutrients that are provided will not be adequate for all types of plants.