Homeowners love fire pits and fire tables because they are not only beautiful decor pieces, but also because they create a lovely ambiance and warm setting. These hot home decor pieces are highly popular backyard accessories because of this. Now, many homeowners are happy to learn that there are new designs available for indoor use.

These beautiful fire holding vessels are gorgeous, functional pieces that are traditionally used outdoors to create a warm and welcoming setting. Today, new indoor fire pits and fire tables can provide the same atmosphere but in an indoor setting. If you already have a fireplace in your living room, indoor fire pits or fire tables are still a great decor piece to have on a three-season patio. And if you do not have a fireplace, then incorporating a beautiful fire pit or fire table into your living room is a great alternative to having a traditional fireplace.

There are numerous perks to having an indoor fire pit or fire table, as well. Unlike traditional fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables are incredibly diverse when it comes to looks. There are a number of different designs on the market. From the basic to the ultra-designer you can find an indoor fire pit or fire table that perfectly fits in with your existing home decor.

When it comes to cost, having a traditional fireplace installed can be quite expensive. Fire pits and fire tables are extremely beautiful heating sources that are an affordable option for homeowners. While these products range greatly in price--anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars--you can find just the right product for your budget.

Another perk that fire pits and fire tables offer has to do with placement. Traditional fireplaces must typically be built into a wall. With fire pits and fire tables you have many more placement options. You can turn your fire table into a center piece for your living room, for example. There are also coffee table fire pits and fire tables that you can to choose from. Some are actual coffe tables with small fire pits built into them, while many fire tables have edges where you can set drinks and such. Note that fire tables typically have flame adjustment dials so you can set a very low flame or a larger flame.

Lastly, fire pits and fire tables have many Eco-friendly options. Many of them use propane as a fuel. There are also numerous fire pits and fire tables that use a gel fuel which is smokeless and odorless. Typically, fire glass is used with indoor fire pits and fire places--rather than traditional wood logs--so you do not have to deal with ash, debris, or soot of any kind.