I like to consider myself as somewhat of a go to guy when it comes to water features, especially the stone creations. I've been drilling Stone Water Features for quite some time now and it delights me to see everything that's coming out in the way of stone water features and this leads me to the Indoor Floor Water Fountains. Man...what a Market !

What a selection to choose from. Everything from Bamboo to Marble and Granite, Glass and Acrylics (not my favorite)and even the vessels which contain our water source . Stainless-Copper-Ceramic and powder coated metals. There are so many choices for people who have to have it.

Here are a few key tips when searching for your Indoor Floor Water Fountain. Size is everything! It's the first thing I look at when it come to an installation request. What is the area in which you want to place your fountain. Some of these Indoor Floor Water Fountains can be quite sizable and will not just fit in to any space. So, knowing your space first is a key element. Once we have determined this we can move on.

COLOR ! What colors are you working with and how will it affect the space in which you want to place your Indoor Floor Water Fountain. Again, I'm freaked out by all the color options and textures in which we have to choose from these days (very good for you!) and we are talking the real deal folks .

Not cast or resin molded products but deep - rich -vibrant NATURAL colors enhanced by water. Dry is a totally different look from wet so when you select a feature makes sure it's running. You don't want to get it home and found out it doesn't work because when you purchased it , it was not running and the colors you have now just don't work.

Okay, now for the cool part of our journey SOUND. It is very important that you achieve the right sound for the area in which you want to place your Indoor Floor Water Feature. Some will have the gushing sounds of a water fall while others more of the babbling brook and guess what folks - they even come SILENT ! (not for me) but hey they exist. Sound is as important to me as the aesthetic overall look of the Fountain.

I personally believe that the calming sounds of moving water are related to good health and peace of mind . It calms the soul and can take you many places in the heart and mind. It can enhance ones better being in away only nature can.

Now the not so fun part for selecting you Indoor Floor Water Fountain $ PRICE $ . it's always about price, for most anyway. Because you have such an awesome selection to choose from, your price selection is the same but not always so awesome. Your looking on average at a thousand dollars for a nice basic Indoor Floor Water Feature to way upwards of fifty thousand and more WOW !

So now we have a general idea of where to start and where we can end up. Hope that I've been somewhat helpful and I promise I'll be back ! Now if you're not into Indoor Floor Water Fountains, you can check out the Henri Water Features. They are very skilled craftsmen and carry a large selection of cast product.