I decided to find a few indoor games to play on rainy days to entertain children and at the same time keep them out from under mine and their parents feet. These games do not have to be expensive although they still need to stimulate their brains and bodies.

How many times as a parent have you heard? " I'm bored." I would love a dollar for every time I have heard that from my children and the grand kids. I believe children are so programed to sitting in front of the TV playing games or social network sites on the computer that they no longer know how nor want to entertain themselves.

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Darts the game for amateurs or Champions alike

Darts is a terrific game that anyone can play. You can learn the many different games that can be played on this board. 501, cricket, round the board and many more. You can start as an amateur at home and if you really get the hang of it and like a challenge you can take it to further heights and become a professional.

I loved playing darts for a number of different social clubs and enjoyed the competitions and got quite a few trophies too. If I can win tournaments then anyone can.

Darts is a great game that also stimulates the brain. Simply because you have to add and subtract to know what score you have and how much is left when trying to finish the game with the winning peg. This encourages children with their maths as they enjoy playing darts. Even if at first kids use their fingers to count on they will eventually learn the different combinations of numbers which will make these additions and subtractions more easy. Darts also encourages eye and hand co-ordination and challenges them to beat their opponents.

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There are also safer ones for the kids to play with, these have either felt or magnetic tips depending on the type you buy so they will not be hurt by a sharp dart projectile.

Darts, flights and book on how to play darts

You can start out with a cheaper set of darts and if you like the game then test a variety of different weighted darts and buy a set best suited to you.
Some people need heavy darts as they do not throw as hard as others. Men especially throw hard so they may not require such a heavy set.
The length of the dart shank and type of flight on the dart is also important, this will vary for each person.

Keep fit indoors

Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Sports Bundle

The whole family and friends can enjoy the activity involved in playing these games. They will get you up and off the lounge dancing about the room or playing with the experience of Kinect. It comes with a controller-free fun of Kinect. Not only can you play games but also watch movies live from HD movies and TV and sports.

Playstation 3 Games to play indoor

If by any chance that it happens to rain on this Christmas holidays then here are a few backup gift ideas so you won't be sitting around moaning about the weather.

Check all the details and make sure that these games will play on your particular play station.

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Indoor Fitness

Chess is a game for everyone to play indoors or in the park

Chess is not a game you can learn in five minutes. It will often take years to acquire the technique to play competitively. I am still getting beaten on level 1 on the computer, yes I have won many games but more often they are drawn games.

Chess is a very challenging game to play and learn.  Although I think you will need a lot of patience therefore it could be a great way to challenge adults and children alike.

There are many different boards available to buy and play on.  The sort of game board you buy will depend on your dedication to the game. You can buy a travel chess board or one that folds up.  Then again you may be more interested in purchasing one that represents a piece of furniture in your home.  These chess tables are really great for any home.

There are many books that will give you more of an idea on how to begin your opening games. This is where the strategy is very important. Your first moves can either win or lose the game for you. So you need to experiment with different types of openings. Start in the middle of the board that is where you can gain control.

Free games to play inside

Knuckle bones - You can buy a set of these or keep all the knuckles from your legs of lamb when you have five dry them out and remove any meat,clean them up and paint in different colors

Join the dots - This game you need to get a sheet of paper and put a square of dots. Each person takes a turn of joining two dots together. When you have a square you put your initial it. The person with the most squares wins the game.

Naughts and Crosses- Draw nine small squares. This is a game for two players. Each person selects to have either a naught or a cross and puts a naught or a cross into a square. The person to get three in a row they wins.

Treasure hunts-Mum or Dad can hide small objects around the house.  Make sure that you have enough treasures so that everyone can win.  The best way to please everyone is to limit one treasure per person.  When they win they can help the others.