Why Indoor Gardening is Right for You?

Indoor Garden Decorations

Whether you live in a tiny apartment, you like Feng Shui or Zen interior design or you are simply a devoted gardener, indoor garden decorations can help you jazz up your home décor. Nowadays, indoor gardening focuses more on the materials, the design of the features and even on incorporating them in the architecture of your home, rather than on the plants. Still, you can showcase your extraordinary gardening skills and your fabulous taste in home accessories by incorporating smart and beautiful indoor garden features in your kitchen, living room or any other space different from the traditional backyard garden.

Plants in the Study

Garden Accessories for the Study

Your workplace is sacred territory where you devote your time to work. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be all business about it. An intricate indoor garden decoration can brighten up the place and cheer up the atmosphere. It is also a subtle way of showing your love for the environment and give hints on your favourite hobby. To incorporate the feature easily in the business-like surroundings, choose a geometrical design with straight clean lines for the indoor garden accessory. Personally, I love this stylish DIY framed vertical planter.

Indoor Garden in the Kitchen

Garden Accessories for the Kitchen

Initially, I was a bit bothered by the idea of having plants in the kitchen. You know plants attract insects, there is the occasional over-watering and dirt getting out of the planter... However, when I saw the idea on the picture all my meek objections. Not only does the idea look fascinating and creates the illusion that you are cooking in the middle of a magical forest but it is very useful. Just imagine all your favourite herbs like coriander, basil and parsley at an arm’s length – always fresh! Moreover, your kitchen will smell of fresh, natural ingredients.

Eco Wall in the Living Room

Eco Wall for the Living Room

Modern, green and incredibly easy to maintain – eco walls are a hit amongst interior designers. With new sustainable technologies, you can install one without having to worry about soil watering. The elaborate irrigation system facilitates the nutrition of the plants. They just get planted on a hydrophonic panel with a line media and, voilà – you have your stunning green wall right in the living room.

Plants in the Bathroom

Bathroom Plants

With contemporary architecture and elaborate bathroom features, plants are now a welcome guest in every corner of your home even in the bathroom. You have always dreamt of an unique boudoir with steamy bathtub amidst tropical flora? Now you can have all of that and even more... Interior designers offer futuristic indoor garden designs than not only enhance the room décor but also help you reduce your waterprint. Take for instance the live moss carpets – just by stepping on them you water them. Needless to say, they thrive in the moist, dim-lit bathroom area.

The best thing about the indoor garden features is that their “fanciness” can be moderated according to your budget. You can even hire professional cleaners  in Melbourne to help you maintain the plants dust-free and without any yellow leaves.