Installing Indoor Motion Detector lights can keep your home safe while also lowering your power bill each month.

Most people think of motion detector lights primarily as a security measure - and a very good one at that! But did you know that they can also help reduce your monthly utility bills? Heck, they can even look pretty darn neat, too.

Indoor Motion Detector Lights For Safety

When the residential home improvement market rolled out motion lights, homeowners instantly embraced the safety and security that these units provide.

These lights turn on automatically when they sense motion, which has proven effective against prowlers and other bad guys. After all, what kind of dumb criminal would keep breaking into a home once the lights turned on? Not many. Most turn tail and scram.

Indoor motion detector lights are perfect for night time, when most lights are out and people are asleep. They'll automatically illuminate anyone trying to sneak around while you're in bed.

They are far superior to the other popular alternatives, namely keeping a light on all night long or using an automatic timer. The first is easy to predict for most criminals, as they'll notice the light never goes off and quickly figure out that it's simply "always on." The latter is only slightly better, as the more savvy burglars and home invasion bad guys can easily learn the on and off times, and simply time their law breaking act to correspond with the timer's settings.

Whereas motion detector lights will turn on automatically. It doesn't matter what time of night.

Indoor Motion Detector Lights Save Money

While safety is usually the biggest reason people choose these kinds of lights, let's not forget that they can actually save money on utility bills. Rather than turning (and leaving) lights on, motion detector lights will come on instantly when you enter a room, but then turn off after a certain amount of time. No more forgetting to turn the lights off when you leave a room, since one of these will do it for you.

Large companies are already embracing this technology as an energy-saving device. Even grocery stores have similar systems installed in their frozen foods isles: The lights come on when you walk by, then turn off when you walk away. And given the profit-minded nature of businesses, these lights wouldn't see the light of day (sorry, pun!) if they didn't provide enough savings to justify their installation and maintenance.

Indoor Motion Detector Lights As An Interior Design Feature

Who says automatic motion lights have to look industrial? Just because the outdoor and commercial versions of these lighting systems have that "heavy-duty" feel to them doesn't mean they all do. And with the world's conscious efforts to reduce energy wastes, lighting designers have developed some really great looking indoor motion detector light systems that look nothing like the bulky box units found on outdoor patios.

Instead, these units are small, indiscreet and easy to install. Several manufactures create these products, and each use slightly different design and construction techniques, so shop around before buying the first one you see.

So shop around and find the right indoor motion detector lights for your home!