Indoor rock climbing is quickly becoming a favorite sport among young and old enthusiasts, and with the growing popularity, equipment suppliers are popping up everywhere. Rock climbing equipment, just like skiing equipment or fishing equipment, etc. is not all created equal. Some are better than others. Different shoes grip better for the climbing holds. Some rock climbing techniques call for gloves and other rock climbing gear that are better made than other gear. 

When you go rock climbing indoors, you want to know the best indoor rock climbing equipment suppliers there are so you can find the best climbing gear at the best price available.

What Is Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing consists of a wall that is usually inside a large building like a warehouse. On the wall, there are a series of holds and some walls have indentations. A person will attempt to climb the indoor wall in a controlled environment. 

Indoor Rock Climbing Equipment

Just like any sport or activity, there is equipment involved. Let's look at them here:

1. Rock Climbing Holds - Holds are exactly like they sound. These are the pieces of  wood, fiber glass, etc. that you hold on to while you are climbing. The most popular hold would be synthetic rock climbing holds. You can find the others, but the synthetic is most used. Some of the different types of holds are crimps, edges, holds, jibs, jugs, and more.

2. Climbing Ropes - Before you start to climb an indoor wall, you will be connected to ropes. Climbing ropes are all about absorbing the fall. It is called dynamic quality. These ropes keep you safe and protect you from hurting yourself when you fall. The Union International Des Association D'Apinisme. Short named (UIAA), these guys set the standard. The point is, impact force, rate of fall, etc. all go into the ropes. 

3. Climbing Harness - Your climbing harness keeps you attached to your rope and is your life line. You want to focus on the material, adjustability, and gear attachment. When searching for the right climbing equipment, this has to be at the top of your list. 

4. Rock Climbing Shoes - There are special shoes for rock climbing that differ from other specialty shoes. The heel, rubber sole, lining, etc. are all important to take into consideration. 

5. Belay Device - This device has changed climbing for the better. Belays lock on your harness and allow the climber to control their decent by adding friction or giving more slack. 

6. Chalk Bag - Chalk bags hang at the waist around the back. Chalk is used by climbers to keep their hands dry. Climbers prefer to use their bare hands instead of gloves because of the feel. 

Equipment Suppliers

Not all equipment suppliers are the same. Even though organizations, such as UIAA, regulate parts of the industry, there is still bad products out there. So, here are some great equipment suppliers to use. The suppliers here all have a good reputation for supplying the best, safest, and most consistent gear. These are not in any specific order. 

- Acopa Shoes (Shoes)

- AIX (Holds)

- Five-Ten (Shoes)

- Black Diamond (Chalk Bags, Belay Devices, and Ropes)

- CampUSA (Harnesses) 

- Patagonia Clothes (Clothes)

Indoor Rock Climbing Equipment Sales

Since the explosion of the sport, companies are competing for all the business out there. That is good for us. There are some specific companies that go all out with sales for their customers. Moosejaw is a great indoor rock climbing company and they have awesome sales. Black Diamond is an indoor rock climbing company that has a sales rack. It is a great company to use and look for sales.