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Imagine a skydiving experience where one does not even have to go up in an airplane; this skydiving experience can be had if one chooses to try indoor skydiving in Manchester, UK.  One will never find a truly cheap skydiving experience when jumping from a plane, but when attending a center for indoor skydiving in Manchester, UK, the experience will be less expensive.  If one is able to find an internet special to purchase a discounted skydiving voucher, one will find that his or her outing can really end up being a somewhat cheap skydiving adventure.  This experience can be a great way to begin to learn to skydive; this early skydiving experience can be a precursor to a jump from a plane.  Many who wish to learn to skydive will practice in the indoor wind tunnels that are available at the centers that offer indoor skydiving in Manchester, UK.  Using skydiving vouchers one can save money, even when booking multiple indoor skydiving events.

What is the indoor skydiving experience?

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Indoor skydiving in Manchester UK offers the chance to experience the closest thing to flying that one will ever find.  At this facility one will find state of the art million pound wind tunnels that will simulate the experience one feels when jumping out of a plane.  Wind will rush around the jumper as he or she floats on air.  The full experience of the pressures and rushing of the 120 mph wind will be enjoyed. 

Instructions for an indoor skydiving experience

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Participants must be over the age of 4 and those under 18 will need parental permission to participate.  There are no height restrictions but weight restrictions will be enforced.  One must be in good health in order to participate in indoor skydiving in Manchester UK and should not have had a previous heart attack or an ongoing heart condition, have a history of a shoulder dislocation and should check with his or her doctor if he or she has back or neck problems.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are fully closed and lace up, no loafers or sandals will be allowed.

On the day of the indoor skydiving experience

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Following the check in at the center for indoor skydiving in Manchester UK, where one will need to present any vouchers he or she has purchased or printed out and a welcome from the center the big event will get underway.  One should expect to meet an instructor and get a briefing on the techniques of skydiving.  Then, one will gear up and begin to experience the sky dive in a wind tunnel.  Often an instructor will put on a demonstration for you where you will get a chance to see advanced techniques and the prowess of the instructor.  When the flight time has ended one generally will receive a DVD of his or her, or the groups, flight as a souvenir of the fun and exciting adventure that was experienced while trying out indoor skydiving in Manchester UK.