Ideas for Easter Decorations

Holiday Home Decor - Easter Decorating Ideas

Spring brings Easter and the promise of warm weather.  Indoor and outdoor Easter decorations offer the perfect opportunity to spruce up the home and yard.  Easter decorations add a touch of personality to a home and yard.  Decorating gets people outside.  Start Spring cleaning by clearing the way for the holiday. 

Easter is in March or April on the Sunday after the first full moon on, or after, the vernal equinox.  There are Easter decorations for every room in the house, plus outdoor decorations for the porch, patio, garden and lawn.  If the Easter bunny is not your style, don't worry.  Spring decorations are equally available, whether you like bright Spring decor or traditional Easter decorations that represent its Christian roots. Decorate to meet your needs.  

Indoor Easter Decorations

A lot of people use Easter as a time with family and friends. Indoor decorations help set the tone inside the home. 

Easter Brunch and Dinner - Tableware and Decorations

Easter Sunday often includes brunch or dinner.  Easter tableware is very popular, especially for kids. Try using cute tableware decorations.  Choose from assorted Easter themed plates, tablecloths, table runners, place mats, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, plates, towels, or a centerpiece for the table. Lennox tablecloths are quite popular as are tablet runners.  Use a bouquet of fresh Easter flowers to brighten any room.  The Easter Lily is the most-gifted flower and perfect for the occasion.

Around the House - Tabletop Decorations, Easter Egg Tree, Votive Candles

Tabletop decorations work for any holiday. Place Easter tabletop decorations around the home.  Easter and Spring wooden signs are popular and affordable decorations.  They are also great office decorations.  Choose from simple wood signs with Happy Easter or bunnies.  Another easy home decoration are Easter egg votive candles.  Votive candle holders accent any home style.  Candles are a go-to decoration and gift.  Amazon has a variety of votive candles and Easter votive candle holders.

Easter egg trees are popular, symbolic decorations for indoors that represent the holiday's meaning and Springtime. Easter egg tree prices vary, but there are many cute decorations that double as gifts.

String lights are great indoor and outdoor Easter decorations.  Hang Easter-themed and Spring-themed string lights inside or outside as patio lighting.  Pick string lights shaped like Easter eggs or buy flower string lights as a window decoration.  Flower shaped string lights are great Spring decorations.  Rope lights and lanterns are also available.  Lights and lighted holiday decor are easy to use plus they can stay up after the holiday is over.   String lights can decorate just about anything. Lighted window silhouettes come in egg, bunny, and baby chick shapes.  Hang rope lights, lanterns, string lights and window silhouettes to hang around the home or as party decorations.

Flower String Lights for Indoor and Outdoor UseCredit:

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Outdoor Easter decorations are abundant.  The holiday always falls during Spring.  Spruce up the yard, garden, and patio with lawn and outdoor decorations.  Spring decor is endless and easy to personalize.  Amazon is a great place to buy decorations for Easter and other holidays.

Wreaths are a solid choice and a great way to greet someone at the door.  Easter wreaths are made with pastels and eggs. 

Outdoor Spring Decor and Easter Decorations - Lawn and Garden

People who decorate for Easter take a minimalist approach or go all out just like during Halloween or Christmas.  There is no shortage of outdoor Easter decorations.  Some of these are string lights, house and garden flags, bunny yard stakes, yard sticks, magnetic mailbox wraps, garden flags, rope lights, wind socks, window decorations, pin wheels, butterfly danglers, yard signs, wreaths, and air blown or inflatable Easter decorations.  String lights are always good as indoor and outdoor decorations.

Decorative House Flags

Decorative lawn and garden signs, flags, and banners are popular patio decorating ideas.  Garden flags are smaller and perfect for those living in an apartment or condo. Holiday flags are easy, simple decorations that can go in flower pots or containers in a back porch garden or hang it from a flag pole.  Garden flags have many designs, including Spring flowers, birds, and Easter symbolism, for example Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and Spring or Easter quotes like "Happy Easter."  

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Religious and Christian garden flags are popular indoor and outdoor Easter decorations.  Easter's religious meaning is the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection. There are garden signs and flags with religious quotes, Christian flags, and religious symbols like a cross.  Personalized yard signs are great indoor and outdoor holiday decorations as well.  Religious decorations can be used for Easter, Christmas, and other religious holidays or celebrations.  Buying decor to use for multiple holidays and season will save money in the long run. 

Decorating for Easter

Holiday decorations look good. Neighbors and others can also enjoy your decorations if you put them in the window and decorate outside. It's always fun to see what's new at the house that decorates every holiday and occasion.

Easter 2011 is on April 24