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Indoor rock climbing is a vertical workout that requires the participants to have some indoor climbing gear. One will need to have an indoor climbing harness, a climbing rope, and special shoes.  One can often find inexpensive or cheap rock climbing shoes by looking for online special or discounts.  Shopping for gear for indoor rock climbing can be a bit tricky for a beginner.  Asking advice of one of the professionals at the local indoor rock climbing center is a great way to learn about what type of climbing rope, indoor climbing harness and other indoor climbing gear is the best but least expensive.  One can also inquire as to the brands and types of cheap indoor climbing shoes there are that might allow for a bit of savings while gearing up for this adventurous sport.


The Harness

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For those who participate in indoor rock climbing on a regular basis a good, lightweight harness is likely to be the piece of equipment that is considered the most vital.  Strong padded leg loops are essential for comfort and support.  The waist of the harness must fit well and be neither too tight nor too loose.  A good adjustable harness will have safety indicator that are areas of color that when showing mean that the harness is no properly secured and needs to be adjusted, this is a great feature and one that should be looked for when buying a new harness.


Climbing Ropes

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The majority of indoor rock climbing gyms supply the climbing ropes for participants.  These are generally looped through a special hook in the ceiling or rafters and are ready for the participant to tie on to by way of making a figure eight knot to secure the harness to the rope. Many climbers prefer to handle the rope and the grips after chalking their hands.  A chalk bag which is essentially a small cheesecloth bag full of chalk dust is tossed in the hands to apply the layer of chalk to the palm surface of the hands making one’s grip better and slipping less likely.  For those doing partner climbs a belayer and karabiner will be used for one partner to control the amount of rope and slack fed to the other.  Often an indoor rock climbing center will have this piece of equipment on hand, although some who climb as partners often will want to purchase their own.



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Although many indoor rock climbing participants simply wear ordinary work out shoes, special rock climbing shoes are available and should be considered because they are especially helpful when one is climbing back down to the ground.  Shoes for indoor rock climbing need to be snug fitting and flexible and must be closed around the whole foot.  Harder soled shoes will make it more difficult to feel the holds in the wall and to place the foot, and sort of grip with the foot, some of the smaller holds.  Rubber soled shoes will make it so that one is capable of gripping the wall in spots where no hold is available.  Many indoor rock climbing facilities will allow one to try a few different types of shoes before committing to buying a pair of his or her own.


The most important part of indoor rock climbing is to have a good time while safely climbing in a regulated environment that allows one to experience an adventure and get a good work out all at once.