Induction chemotherapy is the use of very specific drugs that are chosen for their ability to destroy the malignant cancer cells and tissues. The chemotherapy drugs can also be chosen for their ability to kill bacteria or a virus that is thought to be the cause of the cancer.

The doctor will choose the induction chemotherapy drugs based on the type of cancer and the location in the body. Some drugs are more effective on specific kinds of cancer than others. This is typically the approach that is used before a more aggressive treatment plan will be followed. If the drugs successfully work on the cancer cells it will eliminate a more difficult treatment later.

The induction method of chemotherapy is basically a trial and error approach to your illness. The medications will be tried for their effect and the results will be monitored to determine if there is any improvement. With this type of treatment, the doctor is able to adjust the dosage and mixture of chemicals that are used to find the best treatment for your cancer.

It can be very difficult for the patient who is receiving induction chemotherapy to tolerate. There will be times when the drugs that are used are not as effective on the illness as others and the doctor will not know that until they are tried. When you are battling cancer, this trial and error approach can be very frustrating.

This method is also used to help prepare the body for the more aggressive treatments that will be used later. With induction chemotherapy the tumor or source of the cancer can be reduced which will allow the patient to get stronger and be better equipped to handle other treatments.

It will also help the doctor determine the amount of the dosages that will be used in future treatment plans. It is important to your recovery that the doctor understands what kind of treatments and what dosages will work on your cancer. Cancer treatment involves a great deal of individual approaches as not all cancer responds the same way to the medications.

Induction chemotherapy is often the first treatment plan that your doctor will work out for you. It will ready your body for a more aggressive treatment and a more successful result. It will be difficult and frustrating to use medications that will cause a lot of side effects with potentially no result, but the importance of finding the drugs that will work cannot be overlooked.