If you are looking at a converted condo such as the ones that keep the high ceilings and especially the exposed brick walls, or older homes, then lighting is just as important as your other furnishings.

We looked at a few of these, and didn’t realize just what a difference industrial bathroom lights can make to the space.  You can even set up a new space to look industrial especially with the right lights.

Many people think of lighting as simply functional and will continue with those builder style flat fixtures or put in loads of pot lights and although these do have their place, it doesn’t really personalize and if you have high ceilings, you will need floor lighting to make up the difference.

We all like to personalize our space and many will fret over just the right furnishings, but don’t forget the right style of light fixtures can become pieces of functional art.

Old style industrial lighting has been around a long time, and up until recently if you liked that style in your home, you went and searched the old antique stores or second hand shops to find something a little different.

The problem with that idea is that the electrics are outdated and not safe.  Safety first!  Yes lights can start fires.  My sister is an electrician and has rewired many old industrial themed fixtures for customers who live in older style homes or condos who would really like to have period style fixtures.

But although this is an option to have an electrician rewire a special one of a kind fixture, I have discovered there are many styles online that are created to look old and industrial and yet totally safe when it comes to the wiring.   You can even get the “Edison style bulb” that fits into many of these fixtures to really go with that industrial styling or very simple and rustic. 

I have looked in many lighting stores, and I don’t tend to find too many of these.  Most stores tend to stick to traditional, so if you are looking for something totally different that expresses your style and reflects the real you, then don’t forget to check online.  Just make sure you stick within North America sites as the electrical needs are different in Europe.  

industrial bathroom lightCredit: amazon.com

Functional Art

Design House 519736 Ajax 3 Light Vanity Light, Bronze
Amazon Price: $101.99 $67.89 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 25, 2016)

Coffee Bronze Industrial Bathroom Light

This cage style definitely expresses old warehouse space, and I think this style can be carried into the bathroom over your sink or vanity.  If your main rooms expresses your industrial style then why not the bathroom as well? 

You can use 60w bulbs in these, but don’t just stick regular everyday ones in there, you can also get Edison style bulbs as well that will really add to the ambiance in your bathroom.

industrial bathroom lightCredit: amazon.com

Cool Bulbs

Vanity Light (Steel)
Amazon Price: $221.00 $175.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 25, 2016)

Handmade in the USA

I came across this particular style and fell in love.  I love the fitted pipe look along with the cage style fixtures.  It is safe and new so no worries on 50 year old wires or the old cloth wires which were used back then.  It looks older and retro yet modern and safe and handmade in the USA. 

Fit the right bulbs in there and this would look awesome against a brick wall or rustic wood panels or whatever you have in your bathroom.  It will definitely stand out and will be noticed by all who visit!  The simplicity is what makes it a beautiful piece of functional art.

industrial bathroom lightCredit: amazon.com


Black Chandelier for Over the Tub

If you love the older rustic black metal style fixtures, and want something really elegant and yet rustic and maybe even a bit industrial, then check out this chandelier.  It looks old but is not and would cast a beautiful calm light over your tub or even the center of your bathroom.  Make sure it is installed and supported well so that you don’t have it falling on you in the tub, remember safety first!

industrial bathroom lightCredit: amazon.com

Very Industrial

Brass And Seel Vanity Light
Amazon Price: $255.00 $215.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 25, 2016)

Simplistic Steel and Brass with Wrapped Wires

This one is definitely simpler with exposed bulbs.  You can adjust the length and the wires are wrapped around the steel pipe to really add to the ambiance.  This is really a very industrial and retro style vanity light.

industrial bathroom lightCredit: amazon.com

Old Style Yet Modern and Safe

Edison Style Bulbs to Complete the Look

Vintage antique styling that will make those functional art pieces really pop with the period you are reflecting.  They are safe and are 60 watts.  This style of bulbs will definitely add to the ambiance of your bathroom fixtures.

It has been said that “it is all in the details” so simply throwing a 2 dollar box of bulbs from the dollar tree will take your functional art pieces down a notch.  Go the distance and add the right ones to create the look you are going for.  It would be like framing an expensive piece of art with a cheap frame.

You invest in these fixtures, so you want them to reflect the right look.

Soft Place to Land

I didn’t realize until looking at other homes and condos just what a difference the right lighting makes.  It doesn’t matter if your home or space is old or retro it is whatever look you are inspired by.  Your home is your soft place to land at the end of the day, and you want it to reflect your style.

So if traditional is for you, then most light stores will sell that, but if you want something more industrial or retro and don’t want to dig in bins at the re-use store and then have it rewired, check online and find some really cool ideas that will not only give you the light you need but will act as awesome art pieces and make a statement in your space especially the bathroom.