Construction and factories often purchase an industrial electric heater to provide heat for their employees. On construction sites, the heater must be durable enough to withstand abuse. The heater may be hit by falling bricks, debris and tools. There is a reason construction workers wear hard hats. Factories also use industrial electric heaters to keep employees warm. They often use heaters that can be installed in a window or in a hole in the wall. These factories and warehouses are often dirty and the heater will suck up stir up this dirt. It must be able to handle the buildup of dust and debris. It is a good idea to clean the heaters on a regular basis. The perfect industrial electric heater for any company can be found below:

5. Cadet 09706 CEH Industrial Unit Heater

Cadet 09706 CEH Industrial Unit HeaterThe Cadet 09706 EH Industrial Unit Heater is an affordable industrial electrical heater. It has many options that will help keep any construction or factory crew warm during cold construction projects. It has a manual reset if the temperature accidently is turned up or down. This heater has thermal protection. This allows it to be left at the construction site and it will not freeze. It is a commercial grade heater and will last forever. It uses 25 amps and rates at 240 volts. The tubular element will protect the heater from damage. The fan delay allows the heater to heat up before blowing air. This helps prevent cold air from blowing out. It will disperse heat at shutdown. The heater has application mounts and can be mounted on the wall vertically or horizontally. The five-year warranty makes the Cadet 09706 CEH Industrial Unit Heater a reliable industrial electric heater.

4. 1/3 Phase Industrial Unit Heater

1-3 Phase Industrial Unit HeaterThe 1-3 Phase Industrial Unit Heater is a heavy-duty industrial electric heater. It has a continuous operation which means that it won't start and stop like home electric heaters. The motor is ball-bearing which allows it to work at optimal performance. The Phase has an adjustable thermostat so the construction site can remain at the perfect temperature. This industrial heater has a five way adjustable louvers. This allows the user to direct airflow. It is constructed of 18 gauge steel that will allow the heater to withstand abuse. The heating element is constructed of a metal tubular sheath with spiral steel fins and it also contains high quality nickel-chromium wire. The cool thing about it is that the fan is sized and pitched perfectly to the power and speed. The 1-3 Phase Industrial Unit Heater is the perfect industrial electric heater for any construction job.

Dimplex EUH08B74CT 7.5-Kilowatt 480-Volt 1/3-Phase Industrial Unit Heater
Amazon Price: $725.00 $654.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 17, 2013)

3. Portable Electric Blower Heater by TPI
Portable Electric Heater by TPIThe Portable Electric Blower Heater by TPI is a durable industrial electric heater for any work environment. It works in enclosed spaces that have ceilings that are less than 15 feet high. The venture housing is made of durable steel and is constructed of finned tubular heating elements. These elements will allow for a steady heat at the lowest cost. The fan is operated using a control knob. The heater can be set at a temperature as low as 40 to as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This industrial heater is portable and includes a built in handle to adjust the fan. The wheels make the heater easy to move. The access panel allows for direct wire connections. The Portable Electric Blower Heater by TPI is has a sleek powder coat finish and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

2. Fostoria Heat Wave Salamander

Heat Wave Portable Electric SalamanderThe Fostoria Heat Wave Salamander is the safest industrial electric heater for sale. It is odorless and flameless. This heater has a climate control to help get just the right temperature. It is powered by a straight blade range plug that can be used with a standard range outlet. The cord is 10 feet long so the heater can be placed just about anywhere. This will save money and time by reducing the need to refuel the heater. The Salamander contains an 800 CFM fan, which recirculates the air until the desired temperature has been achieved. This is the safest industrial electric heater and can be used unattended. It contains a yellow safety heater enclosure. Safety screens are located over the air intake and output openings. The temperature can be adjusted from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Fostoria Heat Wave Salamander is the perfect indoor industrial electric heater.

Heat Wave 34,130 BTU Portable Electric Salamander
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(price as of Sep 17, 2013)

1. Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit Heater

Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit HeaterThe Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit Heater is used to provide heating in large buildings such as warehouses and factories. This industrial electric heater can be easily installed in a window. The control box contains hinges for easy access after the heater has been installed. The control box allows for adjustments of the fan delay, the heating element, the motor, the fan and the thermal cutout. The fan blades are large and are balanced for maximum airflow. The heater is amazingly quiet. The motor is completely enclosed to prevent accidents. The fan can be delayed to prevent cold air blowout. The outside of the heater has a gray epoxy finish. Although the Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit Heater is ugly, it is the most powerful and useful industrial electric heater on the market.

Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount 5000 Watt Electric Heater, Model# FUH5-4
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(price as of Sep 17, 2013)

There are a few things to keep in mind when using an industrial electric heater. First, keep the heater away from any flammable material. This includes paints, sprays and insulation. Second, keep it set at a lower temperature if possible. The workers will get hot as they work and they don't want hot air blowing on them. Third, teach the employees how to be safe. A company does not want any accidents on their record. Finally, keep the everything clean. Dirt and debris can build up on the fan blades and in the motor. Keeping the it clean will help it run more efficiently and will save the company money. The best way to heat an factory, warehouse or construction site is with an industrial electric heater.