If you have taken to the idea of vintage industrial style lighting for your décor, then you cannot forget the entryway or foyer.

This is the space where you can really make it pop and wow your visitors and create an ambiance that suits your personality.  If you have high ceilings in your entryway then you will want a larger chandelier styling with a long chain or wire.  Many of them can be shortened so if you get a second one you can place in other spots for continuity or get something different for each room with the same vintage styling.

If the present fixture is just that flat builder light that says “boring” it is time to check out some of the latest and rustic industrial fixtures that are not only authentic they are safe.  No more taking chances with older fixtures you find in garage sales and antique shops.  NOTE: If you have found an authentic old piece, take it to a licensed electrician to have it rewired, as many of those old fixtures used older standards.  You don’t want to start a fire while trying to recreate a rustic theme.  You want safe wiring and you want safe bulbs.

What I love is that you can get the safety and the special Edison style bulbs to complete the lighting online.  There are some stores that carry this line, but many still prefer to carry modern, traditional and a few sleek styles, but I have found many online that match the rustic industrial style.

Also make sure the ceiling in your entryway can take the weight.  No matter what style of fixture you choose, if it is heavy you may need extra support.  If you are replacing a chandelier that is already there, then most likely it has already been reinforced, but those builder lights are quite often on lightweight electrical boxes.  You don’t want your chandelier crashing down.  Now that we have the safety part addressed we will move on.

industrial foyer lightingCredit: amazon.com

Large Barn Wheel Pendant Chandelier

This will definitely make a statement.  Country meets industrial with this fixture.  It has Edison style bulbs that give that aged look but are actually manufactured just for this style of lighting.  But they do add the ambiance.  This one is really cool with the wheels.

industrial foyer lightingCredit: amazon.com

Vintage Mesh Chandelier

If you have a tinier foyer then having a single one of this style of chandelier would make a statement with the simplicity of it.  This would also look good over a table or anything you want to highlight.

industrial foyer lightingCredit: amazon.com
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Vintage Barn Metal Fixture

This has a single bulb and would work in a foyer or even a hallway.  You can adjust the height.  You could have a longer version in the entryway and then shorter versions peppered around the hallways and bedroom ceilings to have continuity. 

industrial foyer lightingCredit: amazon.com

Adjustable Pipe Metal Chandelier

This one is really rustic and makes good use of piping!  Definitely for the industrial styling and has a 36 inch chain so you can hang this in your foyer, or any other room with a higher ceiling or shorten it to be over a table.  This is a very authentic look especially if you like the look of copper and old style bulbs.industrial foyer lightingCredit: amazon.com  

Rope Chandelier

This fixture is based on a metal wheel and then ropes to the bulbs.  The bulbs used are the authentic looking Edison styling and this would look good in a foyer too as well as over a table.  

industrial foyer lightingCredit: amazon.com

Edison Style Bulbs

These work best in industrial looking fixtures, a regular bulb simply will not complete the look.  These are safe and modern and designed specifically for alternative style fixtures.  You can get these online and they last a very long time.  They will definitely be noticed whether you have the light switched on or not, they have a really cool aged look to them.

Light Fixtures can Make or Break a Room

Many people don’t realize just what an impact lighting fixtures can make in a room or rooms.  They can get expensive, but if you just gutted your home or redid the kitchen or spent a lot of money on flooring and paint, you simply shouldn’t skimp on the lighting.  Think of it as an investment to your renovations.

Not only do you want enough light to see what you are doing and to create warmth and glow in your home, but you also want the fixtures to be a part of the décor rather than something hidden away.  If you use hanging pendants or chandeliers, or something with a more 3D effect they become part of the décor even when not lit up.

Many of the industrial style condos you see popping up really suit this type of lighting, but you don’t have to own an industrial type space to recreate the look in your home.  Simply keep clean lines and a white ceiling will really make these fixtures show.  You could have a feature brick wall or faux brick (many types of wallpaper now can recreate that look and be authentic).

But if you want consistency with your styling then get different fixtures for each room but in the same theme.  This is especially true of open floor plans where you can see the kitchen, dining and living as one room.  You can really add some personality to the space with industrial lighting.