Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to decorating a space.  Many people will spend hundreds if not thousands on furnishings and accents and floor coverings but often neglect the lighting as part of the décor.

It is often discounted as something necessary to see when it is dark and left at that.  But no matter what your décor style, lighting fixtures can really add to a space and not just to light the way.  They can reflect your personality.

Industrial Styling

If you love the simple and rustic design of industrial then getting lighting that matches will really make your place pop.  I used to work for an electrician and some of the jobs she did was to rewire old industrial and warehouse lighting to be part of a warehouse style condo with exposed brick walls and even new builds that wanted a more rustic look.

You used to have to dive into thrift shops and antique stores and maybe the odd garage sale to find something suitable as most lighting stores tend to be more on the traditional side of things.  But as I have been researching this topic, I have come across very safe, affordable and awesome looking industrial table lamps and desk lamps to add to your space.  They don’t have to be 60 years old to give you the look you want!

Maybe you have this style in your home, and wouldn’t mind taking it a step further with decorative and useful lighting for your coffee tables, side tables and that old antique desk you found and want to use.  Check these styles out and see if they don’t get you motivated to add this look to your place.  

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Water Pipe and Wood Industrial Desk Lamp

This is a really cool lamp that has been created using old water pipes and attached to an old wooden base.  If you put the right bulbs in it, it really looks the part as in the picture.  These are online and affordable.  No more digging through old dusty second hand stores and then going to the expense of rewiring.  (Never use the original wiring from another era, even if it plugs in and works, it can be a fire hazard!).

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Franklin Iron Works8482; Industrial Wire Cage Accent Lamp
Amazon Price: $104.99 $69.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Franklin Iron Cage Style

This is a very simple fixture yet makes a great statement.  This would be perfect on a side table or desk especially if you love that warehouse caged look for lighting.  It has an inline switch to make it easy to turn off and on.  When not in use as lighting these look really cool on end tables, or even your bedroom side table.

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Industrial Lantern Table Lamp with Night Light
Amazon Price: $299.99 $159.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Elegant Meets Industrial

If you love the idea of a lamp shade, but still want a more rugged and rustic look, this style can give you both.  It will work with most décor but also gives you that shade to soften the look.

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Industrial Cage Edison Bulb Rust Metal Table Lamp
Amazon Price: $254.99 $149.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Large Rust Metal Table Lamp

This old rustic cage houses 3 bulbs which is perfect if you want more light in your room.  Would be a perfect accent on an entry table, or against a wall or as an end table.  This will really make a statement and also gives off a lot of light.

industrial table lampCredit:

Water Pipe Industrial Desk Lamp

If you want something very simply and yet rustic for your desk as extra light, this one speaks volumes.  Very simple old metal water pipe with an Edison style bulb to give you that extra lighting.  Would be great in a dorm or office scenario, especially on an old antique wood desk.  Modern lamps on old antique desks, just don’t look right in my opinion.

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Edison Style Bulbs Complete the Look

You can get the look but with safety in mind.  Don’t ever use the old wiring or bulbs that may have come with an old fixture you found in an antique store.  They are not up to modern standards, and if you wish to actually use them as a lamp then you need to get them rewired or risk fire. 

But I have found the ones online look the part without the worry of safety.

Don't Hide Your Lighting

I have been to houses where so much effort was put into the décor and furnishings, only to see those builder style flat fixtures still on the ceilings or those basic plain lamps on the end tables that don’t reflect the personality of the room.   Many people want lighting to hide, so they will leave them simple and plain, and yet the right fixture will add to your room and reflect your personal styling.

You don’t have to have one of those warehouse retrofitted condos to enjoy this styling.  This works well with basic furnishings as you can see in the picture.  It doesn’t have to be an old building to enjoy the effect.industrial table lampsCredit:

Now that you can get the Edison style bulbs, you can complete the effect because it simply doesn’t look right with a plain modern white bulb, so don’t forget to order those to have on hand for your lamps. 

Many traditional lighting stores simply don’t stock much of this style, around me at least.  So finding so many of them online now, is a really cool way to add some “awesome” to your space.  There are so many to choose from too.  Many designers have got very creative.  This is such an affordable way to add to your rooms. 

You can get industrial pendant lighting, or that rustic bathroom vanity fixture and more.  There is so much to choose from if you love this look.