According to the California Department of Occupational Safety and Health (CAL/OSHA), a total of 253 industry accident related deaths were reported in 2005. That is in California alone and does not include those who were lucky to survive but sustained injuries.

In Los Angeles, industrial accidents happen most often with workers in the industrial sector and construction sites.

In these industries they may be exposed to hazardous equipment or materials where one wrong move can result in an accident.

Defining Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents are incidents that happen in the workplace that may lead to harm or death to a person. Industrial Accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injuries.

There are a lot of causes for an industrial accident to occur but mostly it is a result of negligence by either the employer or an employee.

Though the number of deaths and injuries are alarming, prevention is still possible if all workers and employers are educated about it.

Preventing Industrial Accidents

Employers and employees should both develop a positive attitude in preventing workplace accidents. Everyone should be trained and educated about the hazards and dangers; the common industrial accidents and injuries; and the skills, knowledge and safety habits one needs to avoid these accidents.

Here are some specific tips to follow to avoid industrial accidents.

· Recognize and Report possible causes of accidents. If you see that flammable materials are near a heat source, then actions must be taken to keep each in a distance from the other. Loose screws and latches should be reattached or replaced. Simple observation skills go a very long way in accident prevention.

· Invest in training. Employers should provide training for their employees specially in handling hazardous equipment and materials. Fire prevention training and drills also prepare employees in handling emergencies. Always remember a person's ignorance or lack of knowledge is one leading cause of accidents.

· Invest in Protective equipment. Employers should provide employees with proper gears and equipment specially if they are handling potentially hazardous and dangerous materials

· Follow Safety Rules and Regulations. Those are there for a reason and that is to keep everyone safe. Employers could also post this rules in areas where it is highly visible and easily read by the employees.

Taking Action for Industrial Accident Injuries

If you are a victim of an industrial accident, you may be entitled to some compensation from your employers but taking action against your boss may seem to be a daunting task. You should always remember that your employers have a duty to keep their establishment safe and is strictly following the Health and Safety regulations.

Be reminded as well that your employment cannot be terminated when you get injured then filed claims for damages.

If you suffered injuries due to an industrial accident, you can do the following:

· Be aware of the legal requirement to report the incident in the accident book.

· Avail of the statutory payment for sickness or illness

· Avail of workers compensation benefits

· If you are in Los Angeles, consult with an attorney who has experience in handling industrial accident cases and is an expert in California federal and state laws in regards to your case.