Nobody expects anything else, so stop feeling guilty and just accept that you need to keep costs down and to aim for an inexpensive Christmas. Gifts should show thought rather than a high purchase price.

FOR Gardeners


Gardeners are easy people to buy for. Gardening books start at a few dollars or get a few packets of unusual seeds for the same price. Here are a few more unusual examples of low cost gifts any gardener will appreciate.


Garden tools are not expensive and do not last forever. Keep an eye open for bargains as you go around the hardware stores over the next few months.


Make up a gift basket with a selection of seeds, bulbs and books for an attractive gift that has a price you can decide on yourself.


 FROM Gardeners


Take cuttings from your own shrubs and stick them into the ground in a shady corner of the garden. Give them two months to develop roots or die. Those that develop roots you can transplant into pots and grow them on through the autumn, wrap the pot in Christmas paper and you have a worthwhile gift that shows thought and effort that any gardener will appreciate.


Make up Gardening Services gift cards promising to spend five hours helping in someone's garden in January. Adapt it as you like.


Buy low cost bare root fruit trees for a few dollars. Plant them in $1 buckets where you have drilled holes in the bottom.


You can buy spring bulbs by the sack full for a very low cost. Plant the bulbs in pots with the crown showing and place in the fridge. After a month bring them out and the bulbs will grow away, as though it is spring.


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts FOR Cooks


Make up a basket with a selection of unusual herbs, spices and sauces. You can use small or large baskets according to your budget. You can buy small baskets in bulk online and make one up for everybody, because everyone cooks.


Look for magazine subscriptions as another ideal Christmas gift at a reasonable cost. Publishers usually give a massive discount for subscriptions and you should be able to find a twelve month subscription for a $5 magazine for $30.


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts FROM Cooks


Make up gift cards offering to cook a meal for someone at their home. Think how much you would appreciate this yourself.


Invite someone for a meal and make a Christmas gift card invitation.

Make Christmas cakes, either iced or not, the decision is yours. Start early though, to allow time for them to stand and improve.


Christmas Gifts FOR Computer Users


Think about a magazine subscription to a favourite computer or Internet magazine.


Christmas Gifts FROM Computer Users


A gift card offering to make up personalised birthday cards for the next year will be go down well with most people. You can buy 270gsm card that will go through a rear loading inkjet printer easily enough. This card will allow you to make cards that are far superior in quality to retailers' cards.


You could offer to make up business cards or posters.


If you plan ahead and ask people for dates and photos you could make personalised calendars. You can buy a low cost comb-binding machine and combs for $30. Use A3 paper if your printer will take it, otherwise Use A4 with a photo on one sheet and dates on sheet below.



Christmas Gifts FOR Handy Men and Women


You can buy unusual timber for woodwork enthusiasts online. As an unusual gift it is unbeatable, and when you see how the gift is handled and eyed once opened, you will be sorry you never thought of it years ago.


Christmas Gifts FROM Handy Men and Women


Scrapbooks make excellent presents, especially with personalised covers of photos or drawings.


If you are a carpenter your craftwork will always be well received. Think about photo frames and hand painted signs for the kitchen or bathroom.