When it comes to finding pretty outfits for prom, inexpensive cocktail dresses is where it is at. Young girls that are only working part time entry level jobs do not have money to throw away on an outfit that they will probably only wear once. Most parents are not going to want to spend a fortune on an evening gown that will never again see the light of day. Just like bridesmaid dresses that are only ever worn once, the same fate often awaits prom dresses. When they are initially purchased, a teen girl thinks that they are the height of fashion. Yet when she looks back on them in a matter of a few months, she can often wonder how she let herself where it in the first place. That is why inexpensive cocktail dresses are a hot trend in teen dressing. The length makes them perfect for prom, and they haven't spent their life savings to purchase it.

There are a huge variety of styles available when it comes to finding a pretty party dress that will not leave you pinching pennies for the rest of the month. A popular trend in prom dresses is the strapless ballerina bottom style. With a strapless top verging on a sweetheart neckline, this full bottomed dress is cinched in snugly at the waist. Often times the waistline is highlighted with a sequined wider width belt or oversized fabric flower. This style shows off the shoulders and nips in at the waist to create an hourglass figure. On prom age girls that have not quite developed a womanly figure yet, this defined waist can be quite flattering.

Another popular style for inexpensive cocktail dresses is the one shoulder goddess style. Usually with a fuller cascading shoulder, this sheath style can be worn belted or unbelted. For those wanting to show off their waistline, the belt is a handy option. Left unbelted, it hangs freely away from the body. This style looks especially nice with the hair piled up high and cascading freely off to one side.

A young lady heading off to her very first prom needs to find one of the many inexpensive cocktail dresses that best suits her figure type and then accessorize it accordingly. Being careful to not spend all of her savings on accessories, she can look absolutely lovely and yet she will still have money left to spare after she is finished shopping.