10 ideas of Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas gifts

Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas gifts

It is not always easy to find unique, inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts under $25, and needless to say, you wouldn't want to give the usual fruitcake or scarf. The good news is that there are cheap Xmas presents everywhere that your colleagues will surely appreciate. You can create them yourself for a more personal touch, or if you don't have the time, you can shop around online and you will definitely be surprised at the many cheap, yet beautiful items you can find. I pickup here 10 such items that fit into the category of inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts. Check out also this year's hot Xmas presents.

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1. Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas gifts - Plants

Plants are beautiful. They are easy on the pocket because they are under $25 apiece, not to mention that they are considered unique presents. Your colleagues can put these small plants on their desk, and presents such as these can serve as a reminder that there is life outside the workplace.

2. Customized Business Card Case

Business Card CaseEver find yourself in a situation where you have to give your business card to a prospective client only to discover that it has been smudged or frayed from your purse or wallet? That can be really inconvenient, for sure. And your colleagues will truly appreciate a customized business card case for their business cards. This is one of the inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts that you can find on the Internet. Since the case can be customized, don't forget to have their names engraved for a more personal touch!

3. Simple Art Supplies

Offices repress individuals, and that is a fact. But deep inside, a lot of people around you who are preparing marketing spreadsheets and plans might have an arty talent or a need to stop the routine for a while and take out their suppressed anger one way or another, so a simple art supplies could be the perfect present. Plus you can easily find them in bookstores and art supplies stores near you. This is excellent, particularly when you are out there for a last minute shopping spree. A lot of people think that art supplies are perfect only for kids, but they're wrong. These inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts indeed very useful for grownups, too!

4. Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas gifts - Cute Paperweights

XMas gifts - Paper weightsSo who says paperweights are plain, dull, and boring? With all the papers on the desk, your colleagues will surely love to have paperweights to help them keep the papers in place. The paperweights vary in shapes, sizes, and designs. There are lots to choose from, and they are cheap (most of them are under $25). You will find so many cute designs that your colleagues will absolutely adore!

5. Coffee Tin

Coffee TinThis is also among the inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts to give to the coffee lovers in your office. Of course, there are some people who stay up late in your office to finish some work, and a coffee tin with a couple of coffees in it will be the perfect choice for them to keep them wide awake as they get their work done. They can put it on their desk without consuming much space, and can be a reminder that there's something available for them in case they need an extra energy for a very long day ahead. They are very helpful and are inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts. Another suggestion: include a number of coffees inside before gift wrapping and giving it to your colleagues. They will surely thank you for it!

6. Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas gifts - Pencil Cup Clock

Pencil Cup ClockA pencil cup clock is one of the inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts under $25. It may not be as unique as the others, but this can be very useful for your colleagues. This is an attractive desk accessory and has room for letter openers, pens, markers, or pencils – things that every office worker needs. And as the name implies, it features a clock display so they won't lose track of time.

7. Silver Dangling Earrings

Silver EarringsA silver jewelry is among the inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts that you can give to your female colleagues. It will not be that hard for you to find out exactly what they want in dangling earrings because you see them every single day, and there are numerous designs to choose from. From casual to formal events, silver dangling earrings can surely make women feel sensuel. These silver earrings don't look cheap at all and they sure are inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts.

8. Personalized Sportsmen's Gift Set

Sportsmen Gift SetConsidered to be one of the inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts for your male colleagues, it's like giving them three presents! It includes all the things they need such as handy flashlight, customized multi-use penknife, and a durable compass. What makes it pretty elegant is its brushed finish and stainless steel construction. This is ideal for those who love to stay outdoors.

9. Gift Cards

This is another idea you can choose from for those colleagues that you do not know that well. Find out if the restaurants or coffee shops near your office offer gift cards. A $15 or $20 gift card is something that your colleagues will be pleased about. If you wish to give one for a close friend of yours, give him/her a gift card from a restaurant or deliver where he/she eats lunch often.

10. Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas gifts - Gourmet Foods

Gourmet foods are inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts, and the great thing about them is that they are very easy to find. Sausages, nuts, and cheesecakes are just a few gourmet foods that people usually get for the holidays.

Whether you are shopping way in advance or at the last minute, finding unique, inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts under $25 will not be as hard as you think. You can shop around online or in department stores to check out unique items that won't burn a hole in your pocket. There are many inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts that don't look cheap, and they are the ones you should be searching for. After all, Xmas is about giving. It is actually the thought that counts, so before it gets too late, plan ahead and start looking for inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts.

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