Installation Is Easy

Inexpensive crown molding can really add a nice touch to your home's interior. You will get a dramatic new look, often luxurious, without spending a lot of money. For many, the appearance is described as luxurious, complete, and fancy. The looks alone go a long way to making your house look more like a home. With relatively low cost options out there, you don't have to spend a ton of money. You'll get real bang for your buck, with inexpensive crown molding.

Crown Molding
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Can I do it myself?


A handyman unfamiliar with miter cuts, and limited carpentry experience may want to leave inexpensive crown molding installation to the professionals. Of course, if you have some skills, and the tools needed, you can save hundreds on installation. If you have some carpentry skills, it may be worth attempting on your own, without hiring a professional. It's really more a judgment call than anything else.  Once you make your purchase, it's time to install.

There are some basic tools and materials you will need when you choose to install inexpensive crown molding as a DIY project.

1.Miter saw: Preferably the power version, not a hand saw and miter box. This will make for quick work on corners when you install your inexpensive crown molding on your own. Some may prefer to use a coping saw, and do it the old fashioned way. It's really up to you. Many carpenters now use simple miter cuts. (Corner blocks are optional. They cost more, but save time and look really nice.)

2.Tape measure: Measure twice, cut once. Anyone experienced with carpentry has heard this tip in the past. It rings true with inexpensive crown molding. If you make a mistake, cutting a piece too short, you will likely waste the material. This will add additional cost to the project, so mistakes are not cheap.

3.Paint or stain: You can choose according what you want, or need, depending on materials used. You can find inexpensive crown molding made from wood, plastic, or dense Styrofoam. You will need to adjust your finish to suit your needs, and the needs of the specific type of inexpensive crown molding you select for your home.

4.Hammer/nail/punch/screws: You can hang your inexpensive crown molding with different methods. Some will prefer to use a hammer and nail. If you do this, be sure to use a nail punch as you get close to the inexpensive crown molding, so you don't leave hammer marks. Some will use pneumatic nail guns, and others will use screws and drills. You can really go with whatever method you feel most comfortable with.

5.Putty: You may need putty to cover up the nail holes in the inexpensive crown molding, giving it a more finished look. This really isn't mandatory for installation, but it makes it look nicer.