Tips for Guys:

Six Cheap Date Ideas

You don’t have to spend a fortune to ensure you have a good date. The cost isn’t what makes a date great. YOU are.

1. Go to the park; not a small children’s playground, but a nice open field with walkways, trees, and the sweet tweet of local birds. Bring a blanket to lay on the grass and sit down. Bring some playing cards, or just talk with your date. Activity can be engaging and exciting, maybe play Frisbee or go see the local sites nearby. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine! If it is around lunch time, have a picnic. Don’t take this as cliché; having lunch in the park with the person you like is not silly or redundant. Instead of lunch, maybe buy your date an ice cream or yogurt from somewhere nearby. And be romantic about it, no one wants to feel like you’re fattening them up!

2. Make dinner at your house. This is a great way to impress your date. No fancy restaurant that cleans out your wallet for a small plate of food is going to be anywhere near as impressive as personally cooking for your romantic interest. Show off your skills, don’t burn it, and don’t forget to make dessert for later! Not a great cook? That’s fine, cook dinner with your date. This could be a fun and flirty activity for the both of you. Don’t be afraid to look silly and keep things light-hearted. You may even end up having a flirty food fight and licking yummy ingredients off your date, though not recommended, unless that’s what they want. Once the meal is done, eating it outside should be more enjoyable especially if it’s a nice day outside.

3. If you and your date are really into music, maybe find out what local bands are playing and go to a show. Tickets should be cheap and it should be a lot of fun… if they’re any good. And don’t forget to protect your date from the mosh pit. Pay attention to her, offer her water, and have a blast! At the end of the show, make sure they get home safely.

4. Hot outside? Bring your date to the beach! I’m sure you’d love to see them in their cute swimsuit anyway, and a little sun couldn’t hurt. Be sure to bring a cooler, beach towels, and sun block. Play frisbee, volleyball or any game for two. Offer a popsicle or refreshing soda to keep your date cool; they’d appreciate it! When you get sick of laying in the sun, go for a dip! Splashing around could be fun. Bring a tennis ball or beach ball and pass it back and forth in the water. If you’re double dating, play chicken, with the other couple. If not, just stay close by your date at all times and before you leave, get a souvenir. A nice shell from the beach will do, unless you find a souvenir shop and purchase something.

5. Not so nice outside? Stay inside, snuggled up on the couch and watch a movie. Offer your date the choice of which one to watch and go make the popcorn and drinks. Don’t forget to grab a blanket in case your date gets cold or falls asleep. If after the movie, you’re both still hyped up, play a board game, cards, talk, or watch another movie! At the end of the night, make sure they get home safely, unless they ask to stay the night that is.

6. Go dancing. Don’t know how to dance? Maybe your date can show you a few moves. Don’t be embarrassed, I’m sure they’d love to teach you a thing or two. It doesn’t make you look stupid, I’m sure your date will think it’s cute. Or if you’re not a dancer, maybe you’re more of a singer? Go to Karaoke Night! Play a duet with your date. If they’re hesitant to sing, you go up first, and they should join you. No pressure, just have fun!

Most girls would love any of these dates, as long as their date is kind, generous, courteous, and fun. Don’t let them be bored guys! Keep your dates entertained ‘til the end of the night and I’m sure you’ll get another date!