When you look to furnish your home, sometimes inexpensive dining room sets are the way to go.  There are several ways to get a table and chair set without spending too much money on them, sometimes without having to sacrifice much for quality.   In this article, I’d like to share some information with you on finding the bargains, what you will find for cheap prices, and some additional considerations you will want to take into account before you make your final purchase decision.   As you look for cheap kitchen table and chair sets, you will find you have a lot to choose from and plenty of stores to check out.  Shop around and see what you can find for discount pricing and good value.

Inexpensive Dining Room Sets

The following items are some of the things you will want to check out to save money.

Scratch and Dent:  Scratch and dent furniture is a great way to save a ton of money on your furnishings.  A scratch and dent dining room set will be pretty cheap compared to the original price, since they are almost always given very steep discounts.  There are lots of different place to shop for this type of thing, so you won’t run out of options as you search around for the best bargains available.  Many stores have special scratch and dent sections and some stores are dedicated strictly to scratch and dent sales.  Search online to see if there are any stores within driving range.


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RTA Furniture:  Ready to assemble tables and chairs might be a good option if you want a cheap dinette or complete set with at least four or six chairs.  You’ll find they are available at most department stores at very low prices.  Factor in the sales which more retailers hold and you can easily get yourself a new dining room set under 100 dollars, complete with the matching chairs.  You’ll find all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles for sale without any trouble at all.  If you are at all handy with tools and assembly, this is a really good way to save some money, just by using a little elbow grease.

Pressed Wood:  For the most part, you will be looking at pressed wood furniture when you go to make your purchase.  This isn’t very expensive, so you will find it often for a low price.  You can find this at furniture stores, department stores, and other various retailers, including those online.  Keep your eyes open for good sale prices and you’ll find a good bargain in particle board with a veneer top.  As long as water doesn’t penetrate the veneer, which generally happens when it separates or becomes loose, it shouldn’t be a problem.  Plus, the newer styles look just like real wood.

Breakfast Nooks:  Breakfast nooks are generally cheaper and will work out great in your dining room.  You can find them for well under 200 dollars most of the time, but sometimes assembly will be required.  It’s a good alternative to the traditional things you’ll find.  These often have a bench, sometimes a corner bench, with two chairs, but it will vary by manufacturer.  As you look at the stores, take a look and see if these will work for you.  They take up much less room and are pretty cheap to buy.


Corner Nook Set in White & Natural Finish
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Dinette Sets:  Like nooks, they often have benches, but some will be all chairs.  They are generally smaller, sometimes with only two chairs, and are generally considered less formal.  For these reasons, they are usually pretty inexpensive to purchase.  You can find them at all kinds of different stores, so you can save a lot of money and get by pretty cheap.  As with breakfast nooks, they don’t generally take up too much room, so if you have a small space, they might be the best option you have.  Check them out carefully and see if they will work within the space limits you have.

Consider Cheap Used Dining Room Table and Chair Sets

You might want to consider a used dining room table and chair set.  You can find them for sale a yard sales, secondhand stores, estate sales, and on classified sites, like Craigslist.  You will sometimes find them under 50 dollars if you look around, so you won’t have to spend much money.  While you might not like the idea of buying something used, keep in mind that furniture was made better many years ago, so some of the older ones you find might actually be far superior to anything you can buy in the store these days.  Many are also of solid wood, not particle board with a thin veneer top.  You can get quality at a very affordable price if you are willing to purchase a used dining room set for sale. As you shop around, be sure to check out all the local sales in your area and take a day just to go out and look at home furnishings.  You will find the prices are great if you are willing to go with a secondhand item.

Shop Clearance Sections for Great Bargains

Many furniture stores have closeouts and clearance sections, which are generally located in the back of the store, sort of out of the way of everything.  You’ll find good discounts on leftovers, customer returns, slightly out of fashion items, and even scratch and dent home furnishings.  The prices are generally low and since they want these items of the sales floor, they are generally willing to haggle a little on the prices.  This means you can make an offer, ask for a discount, or just try to haggle your way to free delivery.  If they say yes to any of them, you will be the one who wins.  Since most cities have more than one furniture store, you can probably visit several of them in a single day and get a great bargain on your purchase.  It’s a really good way to find inexpensive dining room sets.

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