free concert

Going out and spending time with our families are precious moments. But nearly all popular family activities are rather unaffordable. Even just a simple night at the movies can cause a big dent in your budget by the time you purchase tickets, popcorn and drinks for each member of your family.

It's good to know that there are cheaper options to those costly family outings which can also provide the opportunity to be just as enjoyable but with lesser cost. If you do a bit more research you will find that some are even free.

Movies and Music

Most kids and parents alike are often itching to see the latest movie releases at the cinema. But doing this even once in a month, can get costly. Some alternatives you can do is to go to a drive-in where admission is generally a lot cheaper than at a regular movie house. Check your nearby communities if drive ins are available. Some drive-ins also show fairly recent releases which are not on DVDs yet.

There are theaters that offer discounted rates during the day. Others have free child-friendly movies on some days. These alternatives provide the theater experience without the exorbitant costs.

Kids often want to watch concerts, too, but oftentimes, tickets to see the popular bands are quite expensive. Check your local bulletin for free concerts at the park or a plaza. Many areas hold free concerts during the summer or spring. During the Christmas holidays, some artists perform for free at the malls or in some theaters. If you find a perfect spot to watch the concert, younger kids will be able to listen to the music away from the large crowds and thunderous sound systems, and older children may learn to appreciate the less popular bands, too.

The Great Outdoors

Nature provides a many possibilities for family excursions. Camping is one of the favorite family activities, and it does not have to be costly. It can even be as simple as setting up a tent in your back yard, or you can opt to rent space at a campsite. Take the grill with you along with some burgers or hotdogs, or you may also catch some fish to cook.

For day trips, parks are also good. Those with playground equipment will keep younger children busily entertained for hours. Hiking trips offer opportunities for exercising and exploration. Nearly all parks have picnic facilities, so you may pack lunch instead of dining out.