Vacations offer a much needed break as they allow us to get away from the daily hassles and unwind. If you are on a budget and want to find some cheap vacation packages to spend some quality time with family then the five places described below should be your top priority. These places are affordable and kid friendly and are suitable for people of every age group. Check out these top five inexpensive family vacation destinations.

5 Best Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots

Sedona, Arizona - #1 Inexpensive Family Vacation Destination

This place is great to visit in summers. The wildlife sanctuary is amazing and your kids will find it interesting also. Varieties of birds and animals can be found there and they will keep your children involved for hours. You can enjoy the view of Old Creek Canyon if you decide to stay in the Forest House Resort. This place is rated as one of the best cheap summer vacation destinations that is perfect for families.

Niagara Falls - #2 Inexpensive Family Vacation Spot

Niagara Falls needs no introduction as thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see this wonder of Mother Nature every year. You can enjoy "Maid of the Mist", a boat ride, and can take this place with you in your memories. Butterfly Conservatory is a must-visit for your kids' sake. It consists of beautiful flying butterflies flying around freely. Looking for a safe adventure for your kids, go for the "Aero Car", a ride that allows you to enjoy the swirling waters of the river. You can also find cheap hotel deals with a bit of research online. Niagara Falls is a great inexpensive vacation destination for any family.

Burlington-Vermont- #3 Inexpensive Family Vacation Destinations

If you are looking for some breathtaking scenery and architecture, then Burlington is the place for you. It is the biggest city of Vermont, and a university town. Summers are probably the best time to visit this place as the weather is not harsh. Fourth of July fireworks will surely be enjoyed by your kids and you. Secondly, church street is a must visit place for everyone. If you want to do some quality but cheap shopping, University Mall is the place to be. The place is really calm and peaceful with a very low crime rate. Therefore, it is well suited for family vacations and affordable for those on a tight budget.

Carolina Beach- North Carolina- #4 Inexpensive Family Vacation Spot

If a beach vacation is on your mind, you can always opt for Carolina beach. It is small beach town situated in North Carolina. It is a peaceful locale offering affordable opportunities for families to enjoy their time. You can take a tour of the town riding in the fun golf cart taxi cabs. You can take your children to the N. C. aquarium. This town also hosts several summer and spring events that are usually free or cost very little. For instance, you can enjoy fireworks or a movie at the event named "Film and Fireworks Series." Carolina Beach proves to be one of the best inexpensive family vacation destinations around and would be a great choice for your family.

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Bethany Beach-Texas- #5 Inexpensive Family Vacation Destinations

Bethany Beach is a beautiful and peaceful beach town and it is best suited for families and couples. It is something that fits the idea of a family vacation destination perfectly. The trip can be really affordable for families and yet offer the great family fun that a family vacation should be filled with. You can enjoy fun activities like swimming, surfing and boogie boarding here. Any shopping done in this town is tax free so you can do some really cheap shopping and can save more money. If you are on a tight budget and looking for that perfect inexpensive family vacation, make sure to add Bethany Beach to your list.

Affordable or Inexpensive family vacation destinations can actually be found anywhere in the United States. All it takes is doing a little research to find a vacation perfect for your family and yet inexpensive. Research online for many discounts, deals and potential savings and then book your next inexpensive family vacations.