If you are stuck for gifting ideas, write down the interests of the person you are thinking of giving a gift to. Next to each interest jot three possible gifting ideas.

Writing down, on paper, all your ideas makes gifting so much easier.

Most people make a mental list of gifting ideas for a particular person. As they run through the mental list they are making comparative judgments such as 'No, she would prefer that' and the idea is discarded, rather than retained.

If you write all of your gifting ideas down, you can still make judgements as to which would be better, but you see them all at once, rather than just the one that was top of your mental list. You end up with many more present ideas for grandma or anyone else by writing them down.

Generating Gifting Ideas – The Process

Give yourself a few days to generate a list of interests the intended recipient has. Include simple things like sitting in the garden, talking to neighbours, watching the birds in the yard. It is often the simple activities and interests that lead to the best gifting ideas.

People may complain that 'someone doesn't do anything', but it is never true. Everyone does something, all the time. We often fail to recognize the simple activities that people do.

Here is a sample list of simple activities and some of the gift ideas that might be appropriate.

Sitting in the garden: patio heater for cool evenings, patio table, warm clothes, garden lighting, shrubs, bulbs, trees, bird-feeders, planters, gardening books,

Watching television: extra channel subscriptions, TV related books or magazine subscriptions, TV studio visit, chocolates,

Driving: gloves, car accessories, travel books, maps, breakdown assistance

Walking locally: umbrella, new jacket, bag or purse

Shopping: note-book for shopping lists, digital voice recorder for shopping lists

Showering: luxury shower creams and soaps, non-slip mats, grab rails for shower

Sleeping: sleep wear such as nightshirts, pyjamas, eyeshades

Reading in Bed: reading lamp,

Eating: Luxury food hamper, restaurant voucher,

Drinking wine: wine-tasting session or weekend away, wine club subscription, books on wine

Active interests can be treated in the same way and used to generate another, complementary list of gifting ideas.

Gardening gifting ideas: garden umbrella/sunshade, tools (including hand tools), seeds, bulbs, garden ornaments, garden furniture, shrubs, trees, consultation with a landscape gardener, stones or rocks.

Hiking and camping gift ideas: Books, outerwear, GPS, maps, books on local trails.

Reading: Book club subscription, books, kimble, book magazines, magazine subscriptions, bookshelves.

Watching sports: extra television channels, replica kit, souvenir programs, tour of stadium, signed equipment.

Carpentry: books, plans, wood, tools, classes.

Photography: camera, photography magazine subscriptions, classes in specific aspects of photography such as still life or action photography.

You can generate a list of gifting ideas of all prices from absolutely any interest, just so long as you write everything down, on paper. It does not generally work in the same way if you type them into a computer, though nobody knows why that is the case.