There are tons of inexpensive gifts to make at home for the man in your life for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, anniversaries, or even Valentine’s Day.  Many of them can be put together for under 5 dollars and almost all of them for under 10 dollars, so you won’t have to put up too much money to give a great present to anyone.  Some of the ones on this list are great whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, son, or just a friend.  Take a look at the list of cheap homemade gifts to give and see which ones will work for the man in your life.

Inexpensive Gift to Make at Home for Men

Food Baskets:  Put together some food items and place them all into a basket.  It doesn’t have to be cookies or fruit though.  Men eat almost anything, so even a good pie or some homemade bread will be just fine.  It’s very practical and most men will eat it and be happy with it.  It’s super cheap.  In fact, if you have the supplies around the house already, it could be a free gift for a man at Christmastime or for his birthday.

Ready to Cook Food:  Again, if it’s edible, he will eat it.  Make up some of his favorite soup or chili, or something else he loves to eat.  Just put it into containers of some sort and freeze it.  All your man will have to do is take it out and put it in the microwave.  It’s another good idea that will make him happy and have a fully belly.  Figure out what his favorite meal is and make a bunch of it to take with him to work, or for when he has no time to cook.

Survival Kit in a Can:  You probably have all the supplies at home right now to put one together.  Use a small metal can and place some rope, matches and lighter, cotton balls, basic medications, and some other odds and ends in it and it will work great for any guy who likes to hunt, fish, or hike.  It’s a pretty thoughtful homemade gift and it’s really cheap and easy to put together.  You can easily create this one for under 15 dollars if you have to buy some of the items to go inside.

Personalized Sign:  Make a sign personalized for your husband or boyfriend.  Use a wood burning tool to etch his name in it or to mark his territory.  You can use it to mark his man cave, his parking spot, or any other area which is near and dear to his heart.  Most men will appreciate the time and effort you put into it and hang it up on the wall.  This one could actually be free to make if you have the supplies at home already, so it won’t cost any money and might not require a trip to the store.

Personalized Gift Certificate:  What’s wrong with a gift card for a backrub, massage, or even sex?  It’s something your husband or boyfriend would probably love to turn in and use, probably on the first night.  You will find this one is actually free to make, since you probably have all the supplies you need at home to make it. 

Scratch Cake:  Make a cake from scratch, complete with his favorite frosting and he’ll have a nice and full belly.  A guy with a full stomach is generally happy and content.  Food is always a really cheap and easy present you can make right in your own home.  I would personally be very happy with a made from scratch German chocolate cake as a gift, but other guys might like different flavors.

T-Shirt:  If you are a good with a sewing machine, you can make up a shirt for him.  You can personalize it with some writing or jazz it up somehow in a manner which he will appreciate.  Men generally aren’t too fussy about their clothing, so this one will probably work out very well.  You can easily do this one for under 10 dollars, even if you have to buy a few of the supplies and don’t have any scrap material around the home.

Cell Phone Case:  You can make these very cheap and they will come in very handy.  Most guys like the ones that attach to their belts, but your guy might like something a little different.  You can personalize it with his name or in some other manner which he would appreciate.  These can be made of leather, nylon, or cotton fabric.  Take your time and make sure it looks nice and will fit his phone and fit on his belt.

Tool Holder for Belt:  If your guy is handy sort of fellow, why not make a tool holder for his belt?  You could make one for a multi-tool, one for a hammer, another for a jackknife, and some for various power tools and hand tools he might use on the job.  It will get put to use, so it’s a very practical gift to make at home for a man.

Memory Book:  Most guys, even the tough bruisers, have a sensitive and caring side.  Make up a book of memories of your lives together and put them into a scrapbook.  Add a narrative and it will probably touch him rather deeply.  Don’t discount your man’s emotional side.  Even the manliest of men need to know they are loved and cared about, and something like this can serve such a purpose.

Card:  Sometimes a simple homemade greeting card will suffice.  Add a nice message on the inside of the card, or couple it with the other gifts you made from scratch.  You can make something like this a plain or crazy as you want, so just think carefully about what your guy would want.

As you can see, there are lots of inexpensive gifts to make at home for men that they will enjoy and appreciate.