Inexpensive gourmet cheese gift baskets are perfect for everyone from the aspiring gourmet to the master chef. Gourmet cheese is produced in every part of the world. No other product takes the same basic ingredients and creates such a variety of distinct flavors and textures. Foodies around the world know this and are always looking for something different.

These gourmet cheese gift baskets are diverse, delicious and affordable. There is a perfect one for everyone on your gift giving list.


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Four Continents of Cheese

Four cheeses from around the world in an inexpensive package. It includes a creamy Volendam gouda from Europe, a hard provolone from Argentina, and a buttery Australian cheddar and a crumbly Atalanta Blue cheese from right here at home. Each of these cheeses is a departure from their better-known, traditional namesakes and makes for interesting tastes and conversation.


Irish Cheese Assortment

Pair these lovely cheeses with soda bread and some tea or just place them on a biscuit with a pint. In either event, they won’t last long. Included are the highly distinctive Dubliner, an unusual “green wax” cheddar, the world renowned Cashel Blue and, of course, a Cahills cheese with Guinness stout mixed right in.


Spanish Cheese Assortment

The Iberian peninsula has produced cheeses since before the birth of the Roman Empire. Their cheeses are known for a robust flavor with earthy undertones. This gourmet cheese basket boasts the traditional favorites including a Manchego, a Mahon Riserva, Idiazabal and the wine infused Murcia al Vino. These cheeses are vibrant enough to stand alone with a glass of Sangria or can be paired with a strong Rioja or port wine.



Italian Cheese Sampler Gift Box

This delicious assortment of Italian cheeses arrives already dressed up for the occasion. A beautiful gift box and bow only heightens the anticipation of tasting a range of cheeses from a country that produces thousands of varieties. The four cheeses are each produced in small batches and each carries some of the flavor of its particular region. Included are a Toma Piedmontese, a Piave Vecchio, a Mountain Gorgonzola and a Pecorino Toscano. There are as many wines in Italy as there are cheeses. Try these gourmet cheeses with a wine from the same region or mix and match.


Italy(93048)Credit: GNU freeGreat Goat Cheeses of the World

Made from the milk of goats, goat cheese or chevre is characteristically tart and salty. It makes an interesting diversion from cow;s milk cheese but and offers an interesting take on the regions the world. This gourmet cheese basket arrives in a decorated box with bow and includes the favorites Ibores from Spain, Buche de Chevre from France, Dorothea from the Netherlands and a twist on the most popular variety of cheese in the world, Goat Cheddar. The traditional recommendation for a wine with goat cheese is a Sauvignon Blanc especially from the Sancerre region.


British Cheese Assortment

While the cheese makers of Britain may not have the same reputation and garner the same kudos as their continental cousins, they still produce a wide variety of spectacular , artisinal cheeses, In addition, they are the creators of the single most popular variety of cheese in the world, Cheddar. In other words, they must be doing something right when it comes to producing world class cheese.

The gourmet selection of cheeses in this assortment dos include a cheddar from Coombes Farm but also an herb infused Sage Derby, a “same day milk” Crumbly Lancashire and another famous British creation, the Royal Blue Stilton. Of course, wines can be paired with any of these cheeses but a fine English ale or beer goes equally well.


france(93046)Credit: NeutralityFrench Cheeses for the Connoisseur

Naturally, France, renowned for its culinary prowess,  produces more varieties of cheese than any other country in the world. By some estimates, there are over 1000 recognized varieties with innumerable variations that include the addition of herbs, wines and different processing methods. One could spend a lifetime trying them all.

This gourmet cheese board and gift assortment provides an excellent first foray into the world of French cheeses. Included are the justifiably famous Camembert, an Abbaye de Bello, a rational Gruyere de Comte and one goats milk variety, Chevre by Couturier. France has an equally extensive variety of wines but California reds go remarkably well with the cheeses included in this gourmet gift basket.


Scandinavian Cheese Assortment

Not traditionally considered a powerhouse in the world of cheese making, the Scandinavian peninsula still makes a creditable variety of cheese and some like Havarti have gained an international following. The selection in this gourmet cheese assortment includes takes on traditional cheeses, Finlandia Swiss and Danish Crumbly Blue as well as two varieties native to the peninsula; the sweet and caramel tasting Gjetost from Denmark and the highly sought after Västerbotten from Sweden. This last cheese is truly a remarkable find as demand has far outstripped capacity in its native country.


Germany(93047)Credit: Eva K

Champagne Cheese Assortment

If your tastes run to the more luxurious such as champagne and caviar, here is a selection of gourmet cheeses that will bath your palate in luxury as you sip your favorite Veuvre Clicquot or Moet Chandon. One might think that the cheeses included in this assortment would be light and delicate to accentuate the smooth, extra dry taste of champagne. Instead, the French Chaource and Brie as well as the Vintage Irish Cheddar are all bold cheeses that the pair nicely with the effervescence of the wine.



Oktoberfest Cheese Assortment

Far better known for its beer making ability, Germany still has a rich cheese making history. In fact, Marzenbier, the traditional beers consumed at Oktoberfest have a oaken, nutty flavor that pairs remarkably well with a variety of cheeses. Among these great cheeses are the ones included in this Oktoberfest gourmet cheese assortment. The Bruder Basil, with its savory infusion and the Paladin Blue hold up well against the robust taste of German beer and the Butterkase and Allgau Emmentaler, while less vibrant, are nice additions to the selection. These four cheese make a nice change of pace for anyone’s palate when sitting outside on a sunny October day enjoying a cool one.