Are you looking for fun Halloween activities that won’t cause you to break the bank? It’s important to spend time with your family, especially around fun holidays like Halloween, but your budget should also be a priority. This list of easy and creative Halloween activities can help you celebrate without spending a ton of cash. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot to have a lot of fun!

Pumpkin Painting

If you’re tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to pumpkins, why not try something a little different than carving this year? Halloween activities like pumpkin painting will get everyone’s creative juices flowing! Instead of just painting a face on your pumpkin, why not take it to the next level? Use your gourd as a canvas and create a spooky Halloween scene. Really think outside of the box! You can also add in different elements like glitter, pom poms, and stickers. Take a trip to the craft store before beginning! This is just one of the many Halloween activities that put a new and unique spin on a classic tradition. And who knows? Maybe pumpkin painting will become your family’s new tradition!

Coloring Pages for Kids

Finding Halloween activities for kids can actually be quite easy with the help of the internet. Did you know that there are plenty of free Halloween coloring pages you can print out right at home? These are great Halloween activities to do with younger children who might have a hard time taking part in something more complex. Or you could spend the afternoon coloring pictures of witches, vampires, and ghosts- then create a miniature art gallery on the fridge! It’s a great way to decorate the house, as well! You can make it a nightly project, as well. Each day of the week leading up to Halloween, choose a new picture to color. Kids will start looking forward to it and it will certainly get them excited for the holiday.

Leaf Wreath

Whether you decide to go for actual leaves or ones made out of construction paper, this fun craft project will provide for some extra decoration around the house! And who doesn’t love hands-on Halloween activities? You’ll simply need to pick up a Styrofoam ring from a craft store (these are very inexpensive) to get started. Next, either collect various colored leaves from the yard or cut leaves out of construction paper. Keep in mind that construction paper leaves will last much longer! You can choose colors like red, orange, and yellow or go for a spooky look and choose an orange and black combination. Halloween activities like these will keep you in the fall spirit while occupying a whole afternoon!

Paper Plate Bats

Paper plate bats are very easy to make, and they’re another one of the many Halloween activities that can double as festive decorations around the house. For this one, you’ll need black paint, a package of small paper plates (depending on how many bats you want to make, choose the number of plates accordingly) “wiggly eyes”, a glue stick, and a paint brush. Start by painting the plates black and letting them dry. Cut sets of wings out of the black construction paper and attach to the back of the painted plate with glue. Attach the wiggly eyes to the front of the plate. These can be hung up in clusters on the wall to create a spooky decoration! Halloween activities like this one can be turned into a family tradition and repeated year after year to create lasting memories!

Halloween Photo Frames

If you’ve got tons of photos lying around from years past, wouldn’t it be great to have a festive frame to put some of them in? The next selection on our Halloween activities list can help you get those cherished pictures rightfully displayed! A package of blank, ready to decorate frames is very inexpensive at any craft store. Whether you choose to go with cardboard or wood, you can easily adorn either with stickers, paint, glitter, and other fun decorations. Halloween activities are always enhanced by a trip to the craft store – so see what fun and festive craft items they have for your frames.

Pumpkin “Snake”

If you’re looking to put fun spin on pumpkin carving, the next idea on our Halloween activities list will definitely be up your alley! Instead of carving a bunch of pumpkins with faces, pick up several small to medium-sized pumpkins. Just make sure that if they are small they are still able to be carved. Carve one pumpkin to have a “face” (make it sort of snake-like if you desire) and then carve the rest to have a pattern. You could do polka dots, scales, anything you’d like! Arrange the pumpkins in a snake-like formation in the yard with the head at the end. Halloween activities like this will be sure to have the whole neighborhood buzzing!

Custom Trick-or-Treat Bag

If you’re looking for Halloween activities to get the kids ready for trick-or-treating, what’s better than creating their own, custom trick-or-treat bag? This one is very easy to facilitate, as well. If you’re not looking to pick up blank canvas bags from the craft store, a plain pillow case will do the job. Let kids use washable markers to create their very own trick-or-treating bag. This is one of the many Halloween activities that will work for kids of all ages, as well. Children of all ages will have fun creating their own custom treat bags. Remember to encourage them to let those creative juices flow!

So whether you’re looking for Halloween activities to start a new tradition or you’re simply searching for something to fill a rainy October afternoon, this list should help you keep the whole family occupied for a little while. Remember to put your own spin on things, as well. While these are all relatively inexpensive crafts, you can easily add a little extra if your budget allows for it. They can also make for great party activities, as well! So if you’re planning on hosting a haunted bash this year, keep these in mind. People of all ages will enjoy partaking in these fun Halloween activities, so pick up the necessary supplies and get started today!