Easter is probably not one of your main decorating and craft binges like Christmas and Halloween. However, if you have company over to your house you probably just want to spruce things up. It's also an opportunity to add springtime to your house. This can celebrate the fact that winter is over or depending on your part of the country on its way out. You can make crafts with your kids for free or inexpensively. It just takes a little creativity and time to totally redo the look of your house. Easter decorations can also work for all different kinds of designs.

If you have a modern home and decorations you probably aren't really into lots of little cutesy decorations that might seem like clutter. Instead, hit modern stores like IKEA to look for decorations. You'll also want to make several larger bold statements instead of just using a lot of knickknacks. You might want to spray paint plastic eggs black or red. You may even be able to decorate them with markers. Keep a tight color palette of only one or two colors and them place them in a large glass vase on the fireplace. You can also spray paint traditional bunny statues and figurines. This will turn existing decor or things that you find at the dollar store into contemporary decorations.

For a country Easter theme go all out with the crafts. Create a wreath by wiring tons of pastel colored eggs to a wreath form. You can carry these pastel colors into your home by bringing in a handmade quilt. Group collections of bunnies and figurines together so they don't overwhelm the room or seem like clutter. For an Easter basket save money by spray painting existing baskets in a variety of pastel lavenders and greens and yellows. You can also just tie a large ribbon box onto a traditional wicker basket. This way you'll be able to use the basket again for its original purpose after the big day is over.

You might want to have an elegant looking Easter. Try gold leafing or gilding faux eggs for an elegant take on traditional crafts. Make new tie backs out of colorful tassels for your window treatments to bring in brighter spring colors. You can also decorate with robin egg's blue eggs which will be a lot more elegant looking then just a basic plastic egg.

You can decorate for Easter even if you are a budget. Try spray painting tree branches to act as a centerpiece that will have a big impact. You can also make a centerpiece by using pears or cranberries to bring lots of fun colors without breaking the bank. You can create your own color palette to create a wow factor for Easter dinner and show off your own take on the holidays. You might want to balance your favorite pastel color with brown or black for more of a contemporary look. Raid your scrapbooking closet for fun patterns that you can turn into place cards and banners. You don't have to just stick with eggs and bunny motifs. You might want to bring a cherry blossom theme or focus on bird shapes. You might even be able to find bird Christmas ornaments that will be deeply discounted this time of years to decorate the branches with.

You can bring in garden decorations such as birdhouses to decorate your home for Easter. Paint them all the same color and hang a few of them from the ceiling or place them on your wall shelves to totally change the feeling of your room. You can also just decorate with terra cotta paints. Paint them with colorful polka dots or stripes because they are so inexpensive and this way you can get the exact colors from your overall decorating palette for custom looking pieces. You can then decorate outside for the rest of the year in a fun color palette so that you don't have to pack and store all of your decorations.

You can also decorate with paper. Try changing out your basic prints with collages of pastel papers. You can even use a different paper in each frame and it will almost have the effect of a quilt. Then you can put your pictures back for the rest of the year. If you want to decorate inexpensively then head to the dollar store. Look at shapes and sizes of the decorations instead of just looking at the overall finish. This way you can customize the décor by decoupaging paper or painting it so it fits the exact décor of your house. You can also head to the thrift store and pick up a variety of china. It can all be mismatched as long as it's pastel or in the same color palette. This adds texture and interest to your table. You might even be able to find blue or pink crystal glasses to really set off your table.

Your decorations don't have to be overtly Easter. You can just freshen up your house for spring just by cleaning out a lot of clutter. If you have a neutral sofa and flooring then you can make big changes with just a few dollars. Switch out the colors of your candles and vases to a bright yellow then bring in different throw pillows and blankets to totally transform the look of your room. You can even hang different colors of crystal from your chandelier to pull the entire look together. Holiday decorating doesn't have to be tedious, overwhelming or messy. It may be so subtle that you decide to leave it up all year round just because it works so well with your lifestyle and room.

If you don't want your house to scream Easter but you still want a touch of spring then focus on creating your own flower arrangement like using tulips in a rectangular basket that can run almost the full length of yoru table.

Decorating for Easter is a fun process. It doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. You can get your kids involved in the crafts or work on the projects as a family.