Nothing is quite as romantic then a cool night and a roaring fireplace.  Just the thought of that warm fire makes many of us want to curl up with the one we love or a good book.  Fireplaces can not only provide great ambience to a room but it can also provide an elegant design feature.  Many homes are not built with fireplaces and most apartments are not equipped with them as well.  If you are unfortunate not to have one then there are some options.  In recent years many options have become available for those wishing to have an indoor fireplace where there is normally not one available.  Some of these options are quite breathtaking.  Depending on your budget, you can have a simple elegant one or something over the top.  Let’s review some of the options.

Table Top Fireplace(98164)Credit: Google ImagesCredit: Google Images

1.    Table Top Ethanol Fireplace.  This glass see thru fireplace uses bio-ethanol as the heating source; which gives off no smoke or soot.  It's elegant style and sleek look will add beauty and warmth to any living space.  This is one of the least expensive fireplaces available.   It's small size makes it easy to place anywhere in your home that you would like to add that special touch. 

Electric FireplaceCredit: Google ImagesCredit: Google Images

2.   Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace.  This fireplace can also double as a work of art in any room.  The soft flames given off by this electric heat source is sure to become the conversation piece of any room.  Just plug it in, relax and enjoy the dancing flames.  The added feature of this fireplace is that in the winter time you can actually use its 1400 watt heater to warm the room. 

Stainless Steel FireplaceCredit: Google ImagesCredit: Google Images

3.   Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Fireplace. This stunning fireplace features a polished stainless steel that matches any decorum.  The inside hosts a black background giving this fireplace a great finished look.  You have your choice of burning FireGlo gel fuel cans or small scented candles.  This is the ultimate accent piece for the modernist in you.

Free Standing FireplaceCredit: Google ImagesCredit: Google Images

4.    Ventless Free Standing Fireplace.  Want to make a statement.  Then this is the fireplace for you.  This free standing ultra modern piece will add flair to any space that it graces.  The black base holds two glass panels which allow the flames to reflect its beauty no matter where you are in the room.  Featuring a large capacity burner; this fireplace can be enjoyed for hours.

No matter what your budget is; there is an indoor fireplace that’s just right for you.  Whether you want a wall feature, an art piece or a dramatic freestanding fireplace the choices are almost endless.  You don’t have to wait until you purchase your next house to have one of these exquisitely designed fireplaces, they are available for your viewing pleasure right now.