To get you started on your birthday party planning, you will find some ideas in this post about kids birthday games, places to have your party, food, and budget.

There are so many options to choose from to make this day a special hit for your child.

Sometimes it is easier to plan a party if it centers on a certain place. If you plan your celebration in a place, it may make your planning a little less stressful, but it could cost more depending on the location.

You can try places outside the home like a roller rink, bowling alley, the local park, a movie theater, a restaurant, the zoo, etc. There are so many places to choose from to make this day memorable.

Or if you are planning on a budget, you might want to consider throwing a theme party at home. You can find great thematic ideas online from making your own decorations to kids birthday games, from costumes to what kind of party favors to hand out.

Planning your child's party games doesn't have to be stressful. The most difficult part could be in choosing a theme. Your kids birthday games at home will be based around the theme you chose.

Once you have your theme, you can then pick food. For example, if you are having a Hawaiian celebration, you might want to have a pineapple cake, or buffalo wings for a cowboy theme.

If you don't want to plan around a theme and have a more cost-effective party, having hamburgers or pizza is a great way to go. Plus, that leaves more time for playing those kids birthday party games at home.

One of the most difficult elements in a party is planning kids birthday games. The key to any celebration is breaking up the day with different activities and games. If your party is during the summer you could do something like water balloons.

Other kids birthday games could entail piñatas, pin-the-tail, tag, musical chairs, or a scavenger hunt.

You could get some cool and economical prizes from a local dollar store or Oriental Trading. Make sure that every child gets a prize and that every child can participate.

You could also incorporate some classic kids birthday games like Twister or charades. These simple, yet fun games can make a birthday memorable.

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