Cheap Leather Collars for Dogs

Are you looking for an inexpensive leather dog collar, that is also a cute and stylish collar for a dog? There is no doubt that a good, studded leather dog collar is a great way to make your dog stand out, especially when going outside for walks or out in public. A good quality leather dog collar can make our dogs look really classy and American! And they smell great, too. But you don’t want to break the bank on them. Below, I’ve listed some of the cheapest leather dog collars that also are high quality.

Black Leather Dog Collar with Spikes (For Small Dogs)  

Looking for a badass leather dog collar that would make even chihuahua's look tough? This one is for you!

This leather dog collar with spikes has a classic American look. It’s strong weather resistant and made of the finest vegetable tanned leather. It’s inexpensive, but it is made of great quality and the leather smells very nice.

It is available in 12 to 26 inches.

Nobody will mess with your pooch if they are wearing this collar! Also, if your dog tends to chew off their collar, this should also solve that problem.

Black Leather Dog Collar With Spikes

Hamilton 1/2" x 12" Black Leather with Spikes and Diamond Pattern Dog Collar
Amazon Price: $15.81 $10.61 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 13, 2016)

What About Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

Below is a collar that would fit a medium or large sized dog.

"Each collar and lead is stitched with strong weather resistant thread and edged and dyed beautifully. The craftsmenship that goes into this rolled leather dog collar is impressive. Constructed for durability and comfort."

This will fit dog necks 15" to about 19." You need to be careful about the size of the leather dog collar you are buying because you want it to fit your dogs neck.

Here is important info. that some reviewers shared on this collar: "The collar is good quality, but you need to order 4 inches longer than your dog's neck size as the collar is measured from tip of tongue to tip of buckel. The 20 inch was too short for dog's 18 inch neck."

Another person said this: "Very nice collar, but the size is way off. I ordered the 26" model for a dog with a 25" neck. No joy: this collar will fit a dog with a 15" to 19" neck only."

Make sure you know EXACTLY what size your dog's neck is and plan accordingly! For only $11 or so this looks like a great deal. Check it out below.

Hamilton 1" x 26" Burgundy Rolled Leather Dog Collar
Amazon Price: $16.49 $10.98 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 13, 2016)

Padded Leather Dog Collar for Extra Comfort (Medium Sized Dogs)

If you are looking for a padded leather dog collar for cheap instead, you should check this out. It provides your dog with extra comfort. One reviewer said that when you are walking the dog and pulling on the leash, this collar works well because it does not choke the dog like a normal collar might do.

This collar also looks like it will last you a really long time because of the high quality, and a price of about $20  seems very reasonable.

Here's what others are saying about this padded leather dog collar:

"I bought this collar for my Labrador Retriever and I must say that it is not only great looking but well made too! Nice leather quality and quality fittings. The black with turquoise padding really is very handsome on my black Lab.

"Beautiful collar! I have a 65 pound lab rotti mix and the large fits her perfectly. The padding oxygen comfortable for her and the colors are nice as well."

"This collar is great quality. Very well built. My dog is 20 pounds and its a bit big for her but she will grow in to it."

Check it out for yourself below!

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I hope you found a good and inexpensive leather dog collar that you were looking for!