There are lots of inexpensive travel deals for spring break which you might want to consider, regardless of where you live and what your budget might be.  If you have limited funds, there are still plenty of places you can go to get away from class and everything else, and get a much needed reprieve from the daily grind of college education.  In this article, I’d like to try to give you some travel ideas which don’t cost a lot of money.  We cannot all afford to go to Mexico or even Florida on spring break, but you can still have a little fun and reduce your level of stress.

Travel Mid-Week for Cheap Spring Break Deals

Perhaps the best way to save money on spring break travel, regardless of where you go, is to travel during the week and skip the weekends completely.  You will save a lot of money this way and be able to afford to go to a much better location for the same price as you would pay for a lesser location during the weekend. 

Some spring break travel packages are available for weekday travelers and generally are priced much cheaper.  While the places might not be quite as eventful, if you would like to see some attractions, you will be able to get a lot more done.  If you are looking to party, it will be less eventful.  It’s really going to completely depend on what you want to do when you take your vacation.

Local Indoor Waterpark Hotels

This is a great way to go out and get away for a lot less money.  If you live or go to school in a cold weather state, like those up north, you will find it’s a good way to get out of the cold and get the feel of summer, even if it is inside.  Best of all, you can find all inclusive travel bargains for as little as $150 per night, for up to 4 people.  Places like Wisconsin Dells have lots of indoor waterparks, some of which are under $100 per night for up to 4 people, including all the passes to the park.  It’s a heck of a deal and a good, cheap way to get some spring break travel done for a lot less money.

The same rules apply if you really want to save money – travel during the week.  You will find the hotel rooms are much less expensive during the weekdays and the rides and waterslides won’t be nearly as busy, so you’ll get to go on a lot more of them.  You can take a break and do some shopping, take in the local sights, and experience some fun while your take a little getaway from college life.

Local Hotel Stays

If you are really strapped for money, why not just stay at a somewhat local hotel?  It wouldn’t have to be next door, but it could just be an hour drive to get there.  This is more than far enough to make you feel like you’re getting away from it all, but the cost will be very minimal.  You can swim at the hotel and take in some local events you might not see otherwise.  If you are pretty poor, it’s a good option to keep in mind.  You will find some very inexpensive hotels in most areas, especially if you are willing to take your vacation during the week and avoid the weekend completely.  It’s a great option for almost any broke college student.

Go to a Friend’s House

Some people simply go back home for spring break.  If you don’t want to go back home, why not see if you can stay with a friend?  Lots of college students do this and it’s a good way to see some areas you might not see otherwise.  If you have a classmate who lives in another state, you could simply take a little spending money with you and split the gas, or you could drive and cover the gas in exchange for going there.  It’s a good way to get out of the college town and avoid going back home for the vacation, if that’s what you want to do.

Take a Road Trip

Perhaps a group of you could get together and go on a little road trip and drive and see where the road takes you.  Along the way, you can split the costs of the hotels and lodging expenses, which if you have about four people, won’t be too expensive.  For the most part, the price of gas will be a major expense, so be sure to use a fuel efficient vehicle which will not break down on the vacation.  Spending time with good friends is sometimes the fun part, not the actual destination.  It’s a good way from broke college students to save some money and still get out and have some fun in March.  This one is cheaper if you have several people, since the bills can be split in multiples, but if you have more than four, travel this way can be cramped at times.  Just use good common sense and decide what you would like to do.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can find plenty of free shows at the hotels and on the strip, so it’s a good way to keep yourself entertained without spending a ton of money.  Gambling isn’t really necessary when you are in Las Vegas, so you can spend your money on some other things while you are there.  It’s a good, inexpensive travel idea for spring break which you can go on this year.