With the rise of gas prices over the last decade, more and more Americans have had
difficulty finding inexpensive travel opportunities to fit ever-shrinking budgets. With the
coming of the most recent economic downturn in 2008, belts have been tightened and
vacations are the furthest thing from many people's minds. But don't throw away those
tickets just yet - there are still a variety of inexpensive travel opportunities to be
found, you simply have to know where to look. One of these places is Megabus.com.

Megabus.com - Inexpensive Bus Travel for the Masses

First of all, what is Megabus? Megabus is a long-distance coach service owned by the busing
company Coach USA with routes criss-crossing the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeastern parts of the United States, as well as Canada and the UK. A handful of the cities on its routes
include New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Toronto, Chicago, New
Orleans, Cleveland and St. Louis, as well as dozens of smaller regional hubs. Comparable to Greyhound and other more established coach services, Megabus has been able to grab a share

Inexpensive Travel with Megabus - Tips and How To's(98191)Credit: morguefile.comof the market with attractively inexpensive pricing - tickets starting at as little as $1 dollar! Using a first-come, first-serve model, Megabus can offer extremely low prices on some of the earlier tickets sold; the company makes its profit from passengers who purchase tickets in the $20-$40 dollar range after some of the seats have already been bought. Regardless, a $20 dollar ticket from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. is still extremely appealing for those travelling on a budget! Being able to travel between cities for as little as $1 (compared to possibly over $100 dollars in gas and tolls if travelling by car) has quickly gotten the word out on Megabus. This pricing is particularly appealing for cash-strapped college students, young urbanites looking for an inexpensive weekend trip to New York City, or large families having difficulty affording the ever-increasing price of airfare. Considering the Megabus experience on the whole - clean buses, friendly drivers, a restroom in the back of the bus, as well as onboard Wi-Fi and power outlets for laptops and ipods - it is a wonder that the company is not currently more well-known.

Tips and Tricks - How can YOU get the $1, $3, and $5 Tickets?

Plan Ahead, Save Money

Your grandfather was spot on the money when he told you that if you wanted to get ahead in
life, you would have to plan! With regard to buying inexpensive tickets for the Megabus, it
is definitely the early bird that gets the worm - there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
The first person to book their bus ticket on any given trip is the lucky duck that travels
for $1 dollar, and the prices go up in $2 dollar increments until they have reached their
capped value (usually closer to $45-$50 dollars for people late to the party who decide to
purchase a ticket on a crowded bus). Thus, in order to find yourself in the under $20
dollar range that you can brag to your friends about when you return home, it is necessary
to purchase tickets weeks or months in advance, if possible. Fortunately, the Megabus.com
website is quite straightforward, allowing its customers to browse ticket prices months in
advance with relative ease. Although there are exceptions to the rule (such as being able
to pick up a ticket for next week from Raleigh to Knoxville for just a few bucks), routes
to and from major cities will have been scouted much further in advance, especially for
holiday weekend bus travel. Inexpensive bus tickets can be had on these big dates, though.
Chances are best if you are dedicated and disciplined to perusing the Megabus website well
before the intended bus trip date.

How about a Tuesday? - Buy on Non-Peak Days and Times to Save Money

Another way that you as a shopper can take advantage of Megabus.com's inexpensive tickets
is to plan your bus trip or vacation to depart on a non-peak day of the week. Across the
board, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday bus tickets will be roughly one-third the price of a
Friday or Saturday ticket. Obviously, some people have tight schedules with work, school,
and prior commitments that preclude them from taking advantage of these savings on their
bus tickets, but in many cases people are more flexible - a quick call to Uncle Steve
changing that visit from Monday to Wednesday instead of Thursday to Saturday might cut the
cost of your vacation travel budget in half! Along the same lines as purchasing tickets for
non-peak days, another easy way to find the inexpensive bus tickets you are looking for is
to look for non-peak departure times. Fewer people want to catch a bus at six o'clock in
the morning, so the early-risers out there can take those bus ticket savings to the bank!n'

Don't know the date you want to travel? - Buy in advance anyway!

Some people might feel that the information in this article is no good for them, because
the realities of their job or school schedule prevent them from knowing in advance what
date they should be buying inexpensive bus tickets for their summer vacation. However,
these people will be passing up a golden Megabus opportunity! A smart buyer knows that the
longer he or she waits to figure out the date of departure, the higher and higher the
prices will go as the competition scoops the most inexpensive Megabus tickets up. Instead
of waiting and waiting to finally choose a date, it often makes better financial sense to
buy 2, 3, or even 4 bus tickets spread out over the course of an entire month than to
hesitate and pay more later for a more specific date. Buying four $5 dollar tickets that
you won't use might seem like a waste of money at first, but if you are certain that you
want to go on vacation in July, consider that $20 dollars a savings in comparison to the
$30 dollar ticket you would have bought if you had waffled and procrastinated your ticket
buying until June!

Inexpensive travel is in your hands this summer, thanks to Megabus and a bit of travel