If you are looking for a romantic gift for your girlfriend for this St Valentine's Day, you've probably thought about buying her jewelry. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive and you are on a budget. You don't have to spend a fortune to let your girlfriend know that you care about her. There is plenty of inexpensive Valentines jewelry that is both romantic and affordable.

pearl necklaceThere are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are looking to buy inexpensive Valentine's jewelry. One of the main rules is that you should not buy a ring. Since rings often signify engagement, giving a ring on this day can lead to an awkward situation. Unless you know how your girlfriend will react, forget about rings for now. There is still plenty of jewelry that you can buy her.

Another thing you should keep in mind with inexpensive jewelry is that you shouldn't lie about how much you spent. While you don't have to tell her the price tag of the piece you picked out, be honest about what the jewelry is made of. It doesn't have to be made of the most precious metals and gems to be romantic. If you can't afford diamonds, don't get a diamond substitute and try to pass it off as the real thing. If your girlfriend doesn't understand that you have a budget and can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars, you probably shouldn't be in the relationship.

When looking for inexpensive Valentines Day jewelry, look mainly at necklaces and pendants. These can be romantic without costing a fortune. A sterling silver heart pendant can be bought for under $50, so it's a great choice. While hearts are the obvious choice for Valentine's Day, don't feel like that is your only option. Other popular pendants are the love drop and the key.

Of course, you don't have to stick with the obvious romantic choices. Many girls will prefer a little more creativity in their gifts. Think about what your girlfriend likes and look to see if there is a good pendant for that. Owls and dragonflies, for example, are quite popular and have more personality than a heart locket. To get a good idea about what is available, look at homemade and vintage jewelry that is sold on Etsy. While some of these homemade pieces are expensive, you'll still find plenty that fit in your budget. If you are having trouble coming up with something, enlist the help of a girl friend or a sister. If they know your girlfriend, they'll probably be able to help you pick something out. If your girlfriend is more of a traditionalist, however, you may want to stick with heart pendants.

While necklaces and pendants are the obvious choice, you don't have to stick with them. Other options for inexpensive Valentines jewelry include earrings, bracelets, and brooches. Base what you buy off of what your girlfriend currently wears. If she never wears necklaces, for example, you might be better off getting her a pair of earrings. Also, pay extra attention to what she talks about. If a jewelry commercial comes on or if you get an ad in the mail, listen to see if she has a comment. If she talks about the jewelry she sees, she may be giving you a clue about what she wants for Valentine's Day.