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One of the great things about owning your own car is that you can customize it anyway you wat.  You want to paint it neon green?  Go for it!  Want to cover your hatchback in cartoon characters and petrified Twinkies?  That'll be messy but you can do it.  The sky is the limit!

The problem comes when you start pricing out these services.  Having someone customize your car for you can get expensive!  But don't worry – there are many ways you can customize your car yourself without breaking the bank.

Inexpensive Customizations For the Exterior of your Car


One of the first customizations most people do when they get a new car is to tint the windows.  This not only looks cool and shades you while you're driving but it protects the interior of your car from sun damage. 

There are DIY tinting kits out there but this one of those things that experts advise you have someone do for you.  Pricing can vary depending on where you get it done.  The more urban the setting, the more expensive it's going to be.  So, when you decide to get your windows tinted, it's best to call around and compare prices.  A 20 minute drive out of the city could save you up to $100!

Window and Body Decals

Decals can add a new look to your car or truck without costing a lot.  You can find all sorts of decals to suit your fancy - from colors and racing stripes to cartoon characters and dragons.  The smaller ones can be as inexpensive as $10 while the larger more complex designs average around $100.  Shop around and see what designs and prices are available. 
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Car Bra

A car bra is a stretchy piece of vinyl that attaches to the front end of your car.  Its main purpose is to protect your car's hood, bumper, and grill from rocks and other road debris.  These are custom made for your make and model and could run you from $50 to 200.

If you want a really cool look for your car, spend a little extra money for a spoiler – a sort of "wing" for the back.  These usually start around $200 and are customize-made for your car.  Though a spoiler can give your car a cool "racer" look, they can cause trouble in the wind, so be careful!
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Inexpensive Customizations For the Interior of your Car

Steering Wheel, Dash, and Seat Covers

Seat, dash and steering wheel covers can add a definite personal touch to the interior of your car.  There's something out there for everyone!   If you're a girly-girl, you might want to cover your seats with pink and purple, while the guys will want something much more manly. 

Covers for most common car makes and models can be found at your local auto parts or discount store.  For the more unusual seat dash configurations, check online.  Pricing will vary depending on your car, the material, and store so shop around a little. 

Floor Mats

Custom floor mats can add some serious bling to your car while protecting your carpet from mud, dirt, and rain.  You can find new floor mats at your local auto store or car dealership but a wider array of styles and colors are available online.  Once again, prices and selection will vary so do a little comparison shopping.


Your car's interior is filled with bits and pieces of trim jut screaming for some customization.  Some people have painted their dash and interior trim, which takes special paint and time but allows them to create that true "custom" look.  Others have bought ready-to-go trim kits which just need to be popped into the car.  These kids can be found online and start at around $100.