Making favors yourself can help out with your wedding budget. Favors might not seem like they cost a lot but a few dollars per wedding guest adds up fast. It also allows you to customize the favor to your color palette and the season of your wedding. For a fall wedding, pick rich colors for your favors that will add warmth to your reception and brighten your guests' homes.

Favors made from food make useful gifts that can feature your favorite fall recipes. For example, you can fill a fiber bag full of pears. Tie with an autumnal-colored ribbon. If you're in the mood for a pun, label the bags with the phrase, "A Perfect Pair."

Wrapped caramel apples make delicious favors. You can coat the caramel with nuts of chocolate, or give your guests a variety of flavors to choose from. Wrap the covered apple in cellophane and top off the handle by winding a strip of decorative paper around it.

When you think of fall, you probably think of pumpkins. Give your guests elegant pumpkins that they can use indoors or outdoors. Smaller pumpkins will be easier to carry. The pumpkins can be centerpieces and guest favors at the same time. Coat the pumpkin in white craft glue using a paintbrush. A spoon will help you sprinkle glitter over the entire pumpkin. Brush the excess glitter off the pumpkin. You can find glitter in subtle metallic colors such as bronze. Add interest to the table by putting the pumpkins on top of silver pedestals or candle holders.

Candles give a warm glow that is perfect for a fall wedding. You can decorate candles and candleholders to fit in with your autumnal theme. The candles can be traditional autumn colors like orange, yellow and red. For a more modern wedding, use a color palette of gold and taupe.

You can turn fall vegetables like pumpkins, squash or apples into wedding favors. Cut a circle the size of a votive candle into the vegetable and scoop out part of the flesh. The candle will fit snugly into the squash. Craft expert Martha Stewart recommends squeezing lemon juice onto an apple to prevent it from browning.

A cinnamon candle is a fragrant wedding favor. You can use floral shears to cut cinnamon sticks to the exact height of the candle. Apply hot glue to the cinnamon stick and press it against the candle. Wait for the stick to dry and then apply another cinnamon stick right next to it until all of the sides of the candle are covered.