Modern weddings can be real budget busters, but fortunately there are many inexpensive wedding favors that can save the big day. Just because a wedding favor is cheap in price, it does not have to be cheap or tacky in appearance! There are many affordable ways to outfit a wedding party with a unique wedding favor that your family and friends will love. Many favors can be purchased or made for under $1.00! It is important to not skip this small detail because it can make a memorable keepsake for family and friends.

Natural wedding favors are a great choice to stay environmentally friendly and keep costs down. Some of the most popular inexpensive wedding favors:

Bird Seed – One of the most affordable options is also a great substitute for throwing rice at weddings. Bulk birdseed can be purchased from many pet stores or online retailers. Lace fabric can be cut into squares, filled with bird seed and tied with a fancy ribbon or more lace. Bird seed wedding favors can be easily made at home for far less than one dollar each.

Designer Rice – This synthetic rice is far better for the environment and safer too. Traditional rice can roll underfoot and cause slip and fall accidents. It also can be very hard to clean up. Designer rice wedding favors biodegrade quickly when wet and are safer to walk upon. This artificial rice can be purchased in bulk and tied in lace or fabric much in the same way as birdseed. It is a very inexpensive wedding favor.

Honey – Small jars of honey are quick and easy favors. Local dollar stores are great places to buy inexpensive jars with lids in bulk. Personalized labels can be created on a home computer. Bulk honey is easily purchased either from a local supermarket or local beekeeper. The jars are filled, labels applied, and the jars can be further adorned with ribbon or lace. This sweet and all natural honey wedding favor will be a great gift for your reception guests.

Honey Straws – Another all natural and fun way to celebrate is the use of honey straws (often called honey stix or honey sticks). These straws can be purchased in dozens of colors and easily tied into bundles with ribbon or lace. Kids especially love honey straw wedding favors and they are an incredibly cheap favor.

Rice – The myth about rice exploding inside of birds' stomachs is just that – a myth. Rice is a very affordable and one of the most traditional of all favors. It is dangerous to walk upon when lying loose on pavement or tile surfaces. Rice can be purchased at any supermarket and prepared in much the same manner as a bird seed or designer rice favor.

For those looking for manmade inexpensive wedding favors, there are several affordable wedding favors on the market to choose from. All of these can easily be purchased for less than $1.00 each.

Shot Glasses – A shot glass wedding favor is truly a unique choice. These small glasses can double as votive candles on the table. They can be purchased in many different colors and they can have names or messages painted on. When purchased in bulk, these glasses are an affordable choice. Guests will love this keepsake and can toast to your big day on your anniversary.

Pens – This may seem like an odd favor, but personalized wedding pens are a great choice. They are available in many styles and some are as cheap as a quarter each. Besides being inscribed with a message, these favors allow the guest the option of writing a message to the bride and groom that can be read at the reception, on the honeymoon, or saved for the first anniversary. They make great keepsakes for friends and family, too.

Matches – Many people use custom wedding matches to accompany small votive candles or shot glass favors. These inexpensive wedding favors are available in traditional book form or in slipcase boxes or barrel shaped canisters. They can cost as little as a quarter each. Because they can be purchased in many colors and with personalized inscriptions wedding matches are a popular choice.

CDs – Another great wedding favor project that can easily be made is a mix CD of your favorite songs. Almost any bride or groom can easily create a music CD at home and burn off copies complete with personalized wedding theme labels for less than a dollar each. It is a great way to celebrate your love by sharing the soundtrack to your romance. It can be played at the ceremony for dancing, too, which can eliminate the need for a DJ.

Disposable Cameras – For just a little more money it is easy to purchase a number of disposable camera wedding favors. These can be so much fun at a reception. Often the best wedding photos are not the carefully staged professional images, but the spontaneous clicks that really capture the personality of the couple and the true spirit of the day. There are many cameras that can be purchased for less than two dollars each. It is well worth the price because some of the memories captured are truly priceless.

There are literally dozens of inexpensive wedding favors that can be used during a reception. Cheap wedding favors do not have to be tacky. Whether a couple opts for a do-it-yourself favor or just makes a purchase in bulk, it is important to use a favor at a wedding. The small details are what make any event memorable and family and friends that have traveled long distances will appreciate a unique favor that they can use at the reception or keep as a reminder of your wedding. Any couple can create wedding favors and it is a fun project to do together. Most of the do-it-yourself favors can be accomplished from start to finish in just a few hours. This will cut costs and add a real personal touch. Whatever inexpensive wedding favor is chosen it is almost impossible to go wrong. Good luck on your wedding day!